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Livestreamer Tries To Eat Live Octopus—And It Makes Her Regret It Instantly

World Wide Leaks/YouTube

In the category of "why would you do this?" comes this, uh, delightful, video.

A popular livestreamer from China, "seaside girl Little Seven," shared a video of herself via Kuaishou where she tried to ingest a live octopus. And that octopus made her very, very sorry.

Yes, you really just read that. And now you must watch.

Octopus attached to a woman's face in Livestream China

The Octopus would NOT let go. And the poor girl is clearly in pain and crying.

However, she did try to eat it ALIVE. Who is more at fault here?

The woman manages to get the octopus off her face at one point, and immediately grins and says something to the effect of "I'll eat it in the next video."

Have you learned nothing?

She then catches sight of the cut the octopus left on her cheek and begins to cry again.

And honestly, if you were being eaten by someone who wouldn't even do you the courtesy of killing you first, wouldn't you try to defend yourself?

Go, octopus.

Octopi are incredibly intelligent and have several defensive mechanisms.

"Three defensive mechanisms are typical of octopi: ink sacs, camouflage, and autotomising limbs. Most octopi can eject a thick blackish ink in a large cloud to aid in escaping from predators. They also have specialized skin cells, called chromatophores, for both color changing and light reflection and refraction."

So really, this girl is just lucky she didn't get inked, and that the octopus actually let go.

If she tries again, though, as she said she was going to, she may not get so lucky.

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