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Retired NFL Star's Son Dragged For Blaming Gas Prices On Biden—While Wearing A $1,300 Hoodie

Retired NFL Star's Son Dragged For Blaming Gas Prices On Biden—While Wearing A $1,300 Hoodie

Christian Walker, the son of Herschel Walker, an NFL running back who retired from the Dallas Cowboys in 1997, is drawing negative attention after complaining about rising gas prices under Biden—while wearing a piece of clothing that could pay most peoples' rent.

Walker, an openly gay conservative, posted a picture on Instagram of himself at a gas station mugging while getting gas and complaining about how Biden is responsible for rising gas prices.

After filling a large SUV and getting a bill of $98, he made the following post:

Walker's problem was he believed Biden was directly responsible for the high prices.

"Y’all said Joe Biden is going to be the great unifier? This is divisive to my bank account and my hard earned money," he posted.

But what seemed more expensive and more interesting to viewers was the Givenchy hoodie Walker sported—with a price tag of over $1,300.

Herschel Walker, his father, will be entering the 2022 Georgia Senate race against incumbent Democrat Raphael Warnock, in a bid to make Republican Mitch McConnell the Senate Majority Leader once again.

“Does Herschel Walker’s son Christian Walker, realize that everyone is laughing at him, not with him?" asked one incredulous user.

"The spoiled child of a multi-millionaire, wearing a $1,300 hoodie, filling up his Range Rover, b*tches abt the price of gas? He makes a complete fool of himself here. LMAO !!!"

The price of gasoline at the pump is largely determined by the initial price of crude oil which is well beyond the President Of The United States' control.

Refining costs, federal, state and local taxes, as well as marketing and distribution costs also play a factor in gas prices. All of these are far outside the jurisdiction of the President of the United States.

Therefore, Biden is not to blame for high gas prices, nor was Trump to praise for low ones—it was simply happenstance.

Christian Walker's only response to people pointing out his expensive hoodie and wealthy father was:

"Sorry that you're jealous. Work harder."

On a related note, if you live in Georgia, here is where you can register to vote.