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Trump Supporter Trying To 'Trigger Liberals' By Aiming Gun At His Crotch Ends Up Shooting Himself In The Groin

Trump Supporter Trying To 'Trigger Liberals' By Aiming Gun At His Crotch Ends Up Shooting Himself In The Groin
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Some Trump supporters will stop at absolutely nothing to show liberals they mean business. Including, apparently, shooting themselves in the crotch. At least, that's what one man in San Diego did.

The man is a member of a Facebook group called, for whatever reason, "Loaded Guns Pointed at [B]enis," and it's... well exactly what it sounds like--a group where Trump- and gun-loving gents post photos and videos of themselves pointing guns at their genitals, to prove some kind of point.

But for this particular man, things went very sideways, and he accidentally shot himself in the testicles while filming.

In the video, which has since been removed, the man aims a .45-caliber M1911 semiautomatic weapon at his junk. There's a brief pause, and then the gun suddenly fires, splattering blood everywhere.

AsVicereported, the man later posted a gruesome, bloody photo of the accident captioned with what must be the biggest understatement in the history of the English language:

"Hey [b]ois, I might have f*cked up."

The photo showed the man's naked legs and the blood-spattered carpet beneath him. He has a towel stuffed in his crotch and--we promise we are not making this up--a printed copy of the Constitution is at the edge of the frame.

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You might assume the gent stopped posting and, oh, you know, called 911 maybe, but you'd be wrong.

He posted again, this time with an even more interesting caption—bragging about blowing his balls off:

"God's caliber [.45] went through my scrotum, mattress, boxspring, and floor."

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He did finally go the hospital—not that he had much choice—where he posted yet again, this time proudly pointing his finger at his crotch like a gun, and another unhinged caption bragging about, we cannot stress this enough, blowing his balls off:

"Turns out it wasn't a graze, that round went right the f*ck through me. What I thought were two graze wounds, turned out to be an entrance and exit wound."

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So what on EARTH is going on here?

Nobody really knows. Many people think it's about trolling liberals, while Vice reports that it's about internecine disagreements about gun safety between warring factions of gun nuts.

Either way, it's the stupidest thing anyone has ever done, and Twitter couldn't help but laugh.

The rest of the internet may be laughing, but the guy's fellow members of Loaded Guns Pointed at [B]enis certainly aren't: They made him an admin of the Facebook group to honor him. 2020 stays wild.