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Resurfaced Video Shows Trump Dodging A Bunch Of Easy Bible Questions

Resurfaced Video Shows Trump Dodging A Bunch Of Easy Bible Questions
Bloomberg Politics; @EliseBeth921/Twitter

When President Donald Trump entered the 2016 presidential race he campaigned as a Christian candidate who loved his Bible.

Those familiar with Trump the braggart, playboy, millionaire businessman were skeptical.

In 2015, Bloomberg Politics decided to see what Trump's favorite parts of the Bible were. They shared the results on their Facebook page.

Oh, Donald...

The plug for Art of the Deal was on brand though.

That video recently resurfaced as a rebuke to Trump's continued appeal among Evangelical Christians who excuse his behavior because Trump is "the modern King Cyrus."

He is also apparently the modern King of Israel, but that's a different story .

The Caring Atheist (@Caring_Atheist) shared Bloomberg's video on Twitter with a list of their own takeaways.

People quickly shared their own thoughts on the President's deep love of the Bible.

The President held several gatherings exclusively for Evangelical Christians at the White House and recently pushed policies to legalize discrimination for religious reasons.

Whether he has ever read the Bible or not, pushing Evangelical Christian agendas in a secular government is for many people far worse than his lack of Biblical knowledge.

The 1st Amendment allows both freedom of religion and freedom from religious oppression. President Trump doesn't need to read the Bible, but he should study the US Constitution.

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