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Stephen King Just Summed Up Trump's Worldview In A Single Tweet—And It's Depressingly On Point

Stephen King Just Summed Up Trump's Worldview In A Single Tweet—And It's Depressingly On Point
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Stephen King has been a bestselling author for decades.

But for non-Maineiacs (yes, many of us really do call ourselves that), King's outspoken political activism came as a surprise.

Within Maine, Tabitha and Stephen King are well known for their community involvement and support of mostly progressive causes they believe in.

So for Maineiacs who spent eight years with King's no holds barred commentary on Tea Party Governor Paul LePage, his vocal views on President Donald Trump are textbook Stephen King.

Most recently, King took exception to the President's racist attacks on Twitter against four progressive Democratic Congresswomen. All four are women of color.

Trump told them to "go back" to the countries they came from (despite 3 being born in the United States), a standard White nationalist trope called out by The Washington Post, the Equal Opportunity Employment Commission and the public.

Not one to admit fault or apologize, Trump continued his attacks on the women as un-American for daring to find faults and work to correct them, despite his own tendency toward finding fault with the United States during his entire 2016 campaign.

"Make America Great Again," anyone?

King pointed out though that it isn't criticizing the United States that bothers Trump.

It's anyone criticizing The Donald himself.

People thought King nailed the analysis.

The Maineiac author does not mince many words when it comes to the President...

...or Maine Senator Susan Collins who is up for reelection in 2020.

King was not alone in responding to Trump's attack on the four Congresswomen.

After Trump focused on the only one of the four Congresswomen not born in the USA, the hashtag #IStandWithIlhan trended online.

Stephen King's latest book, The Outsider, is available here.

You can pre-order his next book, The Institute due out in September, here.