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This Comparison Of Trump's Excuse For His 'Tim Apple' Gaffe To A Character From 'The Office' Is Too Perfect

This Comparison Of Trump's Excuse For His 'Tim Apple' Gaffe To A Character From 'The Office' Is Too Perfect
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images, Tom Brenner/Getty Images, @kylegriffin1/Twitter

It's been almost a week since the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board Meeting where Donald Trump erroneously referred to Apple CEO Tim Cook as "Tim Apple" – to his face.

Trump praised the tech giant, telling him, "You've really put a big investment in our country. We appreciate it very much, Tim Apple."

The internet had a field day with the name gaffe and roasted 45's penchant for butchering the names of industry leaders like Marillyn Hewson – the CEO of Lockheed Martin – to whom Trump addressed as "Marillyn Lockheed."

But like every major slip up, the liar-in-chief always has an excuse.

On this occasion, his explanation was about saving time. Who knew he was so conservative with his precious minutes?

On Tuesday, Trump tweeted:

"At a recent round table meeting of business executives, & long after formally introducing Tim Cook of Apple, I quickly referred to Tim + Apple as Tim/Apple as an easy way to save time & words."

Of course, no Donald Trump tweet is complete without shifting the blame towards the media.

"The Fake News was disparagingly all over this, & it became yet another bad Trump story!"

Well, now, that makes sense!

His attempt in sparing us from wasting time made Twitter notice Trump's resemblance to a character from NBC's The Office.

Fans of the show may remember Kevin Malone – played by Brian Baumgartner – who was notorious for ridiculously skimping on words in an effort to save time.

Just like Trump!

People quickly drew the comparison between the president and Kevin Malone from the comedy show's season eight episode, "The Incentive."

People didn't miss the opportunity to dive-bomb Trump's excuse.

Here's a "greatest hits" montage of Trump's embarrassing name flubs. Sure, we've all been guilty of forgetting people's names, but we're also not ruining the country, (coughs) running the country.

Ladies and gentlemen, the President of the United States:

With two more years of "Donald Hourglass" in office, it's already four years of precious time we'll never get back.

Make your vote count for 2020, people.