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Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Hilariously Shows Just How Far Trump Supporters Will Go To Defend Him

Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Hilariously Shows Just How Far Trump Supporters Will Go To Defend Him
The Late Show with Stephen Colbert/YouTube

This Wednesday's episode of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert set the stage for a humorous and eye opening social experiment. The test was to see if Donald Trump's supporters will defend the President no matter what he says or does.

Colbert explained that Robert Smigel's Triumph the Insult Comic Dog would report on a focus group of genuine Trump supporters reactions to a moderator showing them outrageous fake presidential ads.

Watch the video below.

Colbert explained to viewers:

"Despite the travesties of his [pandemic] response, the failed economy, and California's exploding trees, President Trump's loyal followers have stuck with him through the good times and the end times."

He continued:

One wonders if anything the President says or does could cost him their 'herd mentality.' So we brought these actual Trump supporters to this actual focus group research center, where this actual moderator showed them a series of actual fake Trump campaign ads."

The moderator began by asking why the attendees supported Donald Trump.

One man wearing a Washington football team cap—a team known for its former racial slur name and offensive Native American themed fan attire—answered simply:

"I like money, and he knows how to make it. Uh-uhh he is not a politician"
"And it's good to have somebody that-that speaks some of the things that I want to just scream sometimes."

What could some of those things be?

Well, when asked by the moderator if any people would be better in reference to the fake ad promoting child labor, one Trump supporter boldly blurted out:

"The Mexicans, communities that, you know are in poverty. They're the ones that sell drugs. I don't do drugs."
"I mean, it's like they're not trying to better themselves. I mean, it's disgusting that there are, a lot of people that are just lazy"

Don't worry Karen…we're sure everyone will believe you aren't really a racist for saying brown children would be better suited for child labor or an entire race of people are disgusting, lazy drug dealers.


Another attendee, after watching a fake ad advocating testing on immigrants to see if microwaves could kill the virus, stated:

"If you admit to that, that you would possibly think to use a-an immigrant in a microwave, like that crossed your mind to take a normal person that's done nothing wrong and microwave him, nobody's gonna go for that, nobody."
"I mean I'll still vote for him. But that was stupid."

Twitter users saw a pattern in Trump's supporters.

Others on Twitter called out the "herd mentality" with a more blunt term: cult.

In conclusion Triumph summed up the results of this focus group's responses:

"…And in the end, no matter whom you support, we can all agree, America is blessed with an informed electorate, and the future is brighter than ever…for me to poop on."

The future does seem like it will be full of it Triumph.