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Screenshot of 'Family Feud' episode

'Celebrity Family Feud' Question About Greatest Rapper Of All Time Sparks Intense Debate

Contestants Tori Kelly, Meghan Trainor and their families struggled to answer a question about who is the greatest rapper of all time on 'Celebrity Family Feud' —and were shocked by some of the inclusions and omissions.

Lauren Boebert; Donald Trump; Kamala Harris
2024 Election

Boebert Swiftly Fact-Checked After Using Old Trump Donation To Harris To Prove He Isn't Racist'

The MAGA Rep. shared an image of a $5,000 check the ex-President once wrote to support Harris' reelection campaign as Attorney General of California as proof he can't be racist—and it didn't go over well.

Screenshots of Donald Trump and Kamala Harris
2024 Election

2019 Kamala Harris Ad Explains Why She Is 'The Anti-Trump'—And People Can't Believe How Perfect It Is

A 2019 Kamala Harris ad pointing out that she 'prosecuted sex predators' and that Trump 'is one' has resurfaced after Joe Biden endorsed her for president.

Screenshot of Stephen Miller discussing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on Fox News
2024 Election

Stephen Miller Dragged After Having Meltdown On Fox Over Biden Dropping Out Of The Race

Stephen Miller ranted on Fox News about President Biden's decision to drop out of the presidential race and endorse Vice President Kamala Harris as his replacement—and the internet thinks Republicans are scared.

Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly Reveals He Got Permanent Vampire Fangs—And Fans Are Kinda Into It

The rapper showed off his new fangs on Instagram after a trip to cosmetic dentist Dr. Dani B.

TikTok screenshots of Hank Azaria and Buckingham Palace guard
TV & Movies

Hank Azaria Hilariously Tries To Get Buckingham Palace Guard To Crack With Classic 'Simpsons' Voices

The 'Simpsons' actor attempted to get a member of the King's Guard to crack a smile by showing off different voices from the animated series.

JD Vance; Tracey Chapman
Donald Trump

Internet Sleuths Uncover JD Vance's Spotify Playlists Full Of Anti-Trump Artists

Republican Vice Presidential nominee's Spotify playlists feature anti-Trump artists like Tracy Chapman, Sheryl Crow, and Ryan Adams.