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Trump Supporter Bizarrely Claims That The President Is Only 'Racist Against Lazy People'

Trump Supporter Bizarrely Claims That The President Is Only 'Racist Against Lazy People'

Chris Cuomo of CNN recently sent a reporter to Oregon to interview Trump supporters who were holding a rally while racing vehicles around the local dunes.

After being asked whether he thought President Trump was a racist, one supporter's line was particularly memorable.

He said:

"He really is for your hard-working people. Do I think he's racist? No. I think he's racist against lazy people."

There was one rally-goer who said he didn't vote for Trump to "be the President," but for another reason.

"He can be crass. But we didn't hire him as a president, we hired him as a business person and that's what our country needed because our country was starting to tank."

Another supporter was even more explicit in how his love of the President was tied to his personal riches.

"The reason we're here to support Trump is that we believe that Trump will help us keep the money that we make and let us be able to work as hard as we want and not give our money away."

It seems many of Trump supporters are under the impression any struggling person is lazy.

Though most with detailed knowledge of the President's business history wouldn't call him "successful," reporter Elle Reeve said she saw a commonality among Trump's supporters at the Oregon dune buggy rally.

"I think they see part of their identity as being businessmen, as being successful, as being the product of hard work and the power of their own determination."

Online, many people felt these Trump supporters weren't up to date with his day-to-day schedule.

Regardless, one Trump supporter can at least be proud he invented a new, nonsensical kind of racism.

The 2020 election cycle has been a strange one to say the least.

The next time you're looking for some new, inventive ways of describing Donald Trump, it seems dune bug rallies are the place to be!