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Teen Shades Basketball Star With Classy Response To Mean Tweet Trashing His Elaborate Basketball Moves

Teen Shades Basketball Star With Classy Response To Mean Tweet Trashing His Elaborate Basketball Moves
Al Bello/Getty Images; @overtime/Twitter

He may have a $198 million NBA contract and be one of the stars of the league's most fearsome team this season, but somehow that hasn't stopped Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant from lashing out at a teenaged basketball player on Twitter.

When the teen, Jayden Moore, posted a video to Twitter of his slick—though possibly illegal—basketball moves while playing for his school team, Durant quote-tweeted the video with a totally unnecessary and downright mean caption.

He wrote:

"This sh*t stinks."

But Moore quickly turned things around with a perfectly classy reply that has left people applauding.

See his response below.

Moore was buried in criticism on Twitter after Durant called him out, as tons of basketball fans mocked him for his fancy but technically illegal basketball moves.

It hardly seems necessary—Moore is an eighth-grade point guard, not an NBA champion.

But once Durant opened the floodgates, it seemed like the negativity wouldn't stop—including call-outs from basketball legends Isaiah Thomas and Austin Daye, who called Moore's moves "horrible basketball" and "Bad Hoops Period," respectively.

Moore told USA Today he was disappointed by the experience.

What began with him and his teammates jumping up and down and cheering when they saw the notification that an NBA star of Durant's stature retweeted him, quickly turned into a huge letdown.

As Moore put it:

"Like, what made him take time out of his day to say something negative instead of encouraging me or telling what really needs to be done and then texting me privately or something like that."

After the dust settled, Moore and his parents decided Durant's criticism could be used as an opportunity for growth.

Moore posted his reply to Durant.

Many of his fellow Twitter users applauded his classy response.

He may only be an eighth grader, but Moore is already adept at putting criticism to good use and that trait should serve him well.