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Deer Crashes Through School Bus Window And Lands On Sleeping Student In Wild Video

Deer Crashes Through School Bus Window And Lands On Sleeping Student In Wild Video
Powhatan Today/Facebook

A freak accident was caught on video last week that left viewers saying, "Oh deer!"

While driving the students to school at Powhatan County High School, a bus driver, who wished to remain anonymous, encountered a deer in the road. He was able to slow, so the deer could pass, but he was not ready for what would happen with a second deer that was out-of-sight at the time.

The video started shortly before the collision, in which a small deer ran in front of the school bus, rolled up over the hood, and broke through the right side of the windshield window, startling the bus driver. The deer landed in the front passenger seat of the bus, where a student was seen slouching forward, likely sleeping.

The deer scampered away from the students and could be heard shuffling around the bus for a few seconds while the bus driver found a safe location to stop the bus.

The driver then opened the side door, where the deer hurriedly scampered down the stairs and out of the bus.

You can watch the video here:

The driver drove a little further to find a proper parking spot for the bus, so that he could give his full report on what had occurred.

Fortunately enough, the bus driver and students did not sustain injuries, even the student the deer landed on.

The student later said:

"I was really confused because I was trying to sleep and I woke up to something on my back."
"I realized it was a deer and was just very confused because I'd never seen a deer actually jump through a windshield and then land."

The bus also was fine, with the exception of the windshield and the right windshield wiper, which will be replaced.

As for how the deer is doing?

A man approached the bus once the driver had pulled over to give his report, and the man said the deer was running through a field and appeared to be totally fine and unharmed.

Powhatan County High School shared the video cam footage from the school bus on their Facebook page, where the video went viral.

Viewers were in awe over the strange occurrence.

They were especially pleased at how the driver kept his cool during the surprise intrusion on the bus.

Powhatan County, Virginia/Facebook

Powhatan County, Virginia/Facebook

Talk about a crazy morning on an otherwise normal school day.