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Ted Cruz Roasted For His Lack Of Self-Awareness After Accusing Dems Of Having 'Herd Mentality'

Ted Cruz Roasted For His Lack Of Self-Awareness After Accusing Dems Of Having 'Herd Mentality'
Liz Lynch/Getty Images

Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz is back again with another easily avoided self-own. He just can't help himself, it seems.

People online are roasting the Senator after he accused Democrats of having a "herd mentality" in which they blindly follow whatever Democratic Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says.

This from the guy who is STILL defending former Republican President Donald Trump, who called his wife ugly and accused his dad of killing late Democratic President John F. Kennedy.

Cruz's comments came--where else?--during an appearance on Fox News, which you can see below.

Cruz joined Sean Hannity on Fox News the other night to spread more disinformation about the pandemic and express his opposition to proposals to create a "vaccine passport" system for public places so that we can maybe someday have a shred of hope of returning to some semblance of normalcy, God forbid.

Speaking about the proposals, Cruz told Hannity:

"It's a weird thing, Sean. There's a weird mentality among congressional Democrats that they obey Chuck Schumer and they'll only answer as 'sir, yes, sir'."

Is Ted Cruz the most un-self-aware person in the history of humanity or is he actively trolling us?

Because, of course, it is the Republican Party that has slavishly devoted itself to one man and one man only: Donald Trump. Blind allegiance to the man is the order of the day and anyone who opposes him--like Republican Representatives Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, or Republican Senator Mitt Romney, for just a few examples--are immediately ostracized and publicly lambasted by their own party members.

And then, of course, there's Cruz's own track record with the former President. Cruz went from loudly and outspokenly slamming Trump every chance he could get to groveling at his feet like a puppy the moment he came into power--again, despite the fact that Trump called Cruz's wife ugly and accused his father of murdering JFK during the 2020 campaign.

On Twitter, Cruz's comments had people banging their heads against the wall... which, of course, was probably Cruz's entire goal.

Well now that this is over with, someone start the countdown clock until Cruz's next brain-melting moment of oblivious hypocrisy. Tick tock!