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Brazen Minnesota Porch Thief Leaves 'Thank You' Note After Stealing Package From Doorstep

KARE 11/YouTube

It's the holiday season, and the air is full of love, peace and good will toward fellow humans.

And it's also filled with people who steal your packages directly from your porch—but they still leave thank-you notes, in the holiday spirit.

Hilary Von Smith of St. Paul, Minnesota, was waiting for a delivery when she noticed a piece of paper hanging out on her porch.

That piece of paper was an arrogant thank you note from someone who had admittedly stolen her package.

Police: St. Paul porch pirate takes package, leaves 'thank you' note

The note reads:

"So just a quick little thank you for leaving me the opportunity of stealing your package. Very nice of you."

It is signed:

"The NEW owner of your package."

Smith was "angry and confused and quite flabbergasted" by the note, which she labeled "brazen and arrogant."

The note similarly puzzled police, who say a snarky acknowledgement of theft is "something we've never seen before."

Smith is now hoping to bait the thief back with a decoy package which reportedly contains "a little gift" from her pet dog.

Package thieves seemingly become more common around the holiday season.

According to CNN, experts recommend alternatives to home delivery, such as Amazon Lockers, shipments to local UPS or FedEx locations or sending packages to your work address or a neighbor who will likely be home.