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Kevin Sorbo Just Tried To Claim 'Assault Weapons Aren't Real'—And Got Instantly Fact-Checked

The 'Hercules' actor tweeted the hot take a day after a gunman killed eight people at an outlet mall in Texas.

Kevin Sorbo
Barry Brecheisen/Getty Images

Actor Kevin Sorbo—best known for his role in the mid-90s live-action television series Hercules—has found himself embroiled in controversy once again, this time for his comments on assault weapons in the aftermath of a mass shooting at an outlet mall in Allen, Texas.

In an attempt to defend the use of such firearms, Sorbo claimed assault weapons "aren't real."

He added:

"Just like there's no such thing as an assult [sic] car, or assault pencil."
"Stop blaming objects when the person is at fault."

You can see Sorbo's tweet below.

The tweet was met with sharp criticism in light of the recent wave of mass shootings across the United States.

The most recent of these tragedies occurred in Allen, where another White nationalist gunman killed eight people—including children—and wounded seven others. With increased calls for stricter gun control laws, Sorbo's tweet was widely shared on social media, but for all the wrong reasons.

Sorbo's comments also come amid a growing trend of right-wing conspiracy theories that seek to undermine the reality of mass shootings and gun violence. These theories often focus on blaming mental health issues or societal factors, rather than addressing the role of firearms in these tragedies.

While Sorbo is entitled to his opinions, many argue that his dismissal of assault weapons as a real threat is dangerous and counterproductive.

Many have called him out and fact-checked his claim.

The shooting in Allen resulted in nine deaths, including the shooter, while seven others were injured, with three in critical condition.

The perpetrator was reported to have worked as a security guard and was living in a motel. He reportedly received firearms training while working his security job and had no previous criminal history.

The shooter's clothing bore the insignia RWDS which authorities believe may stand for "Right Wing Death Squad."