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Lucy Lawless Rips Kevin Sorbo After He Criticizes Bud Light For Having Trans Brand Ambassador

The 'Xena' star laid into her former costar for being so offended by trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney's new gig.

Lucy Lawless; Instagram screenshot of Dylan Mulvaney; Kevin Sorbo
Jason Mendez/Getty Images; @dylanmulvaney/Instagram; Alex Goodlett/Getty Images for Operation Smile

It looks like Kid Rock isn't the only one to let his proud boy shine on social media after Bud Light sent trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney some celebratory cold ones.

Mulvaney, famous for her Day 365 of Girlhood videos on TikTok, was honored with personalized Bud Light cans featuring her face to commemorate the one-year mark since the beginning of her gender transition.

The influencer posted a video about the refreshing gift to Instagram, which you can watch below.

Aside from Kid Rock, who ever-so-masculinely shot at Bud Light cans with an assault rifle to express his disapproval, fellow MAGA man-child Kevin Sorbo took to Twitter to take his own aim at the new partnership.

He tweeted:

"I've always preferred Busch Light anyways."

Should we tell him Anheuser-Busch owns Budweiser?

Needless to say, Sorbo missed the target on this one, and none other than Xena the Warrior Princess called him out.

Lucy Lawless responded to Sorbo's vitriol:

"P(nut), you who have EVERYTHING, why do you have to stomp on Trans people to feel taller?"
"To Kevin, with love."

She finished with #VoidInside.

Others on Twitter immediately flocked to Mulvaney's defense and thanked Lawless for speaking out against Sorbo's transphobia.

Of course, this isn't the only time the two have come to blows.

This time, however, Lawless is the clear winner.