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Kevin Sorbo Dragged After Giving His Hot Take On Who Should Be Allowed To Talk About AR-15s

The conservative 'Hercules' star was swiftly put in his place after tweeting his thoughts on assault rifles.

Kevin Sorbo
Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

Some people never learn.

In the latest episode of Tweets that backfired on Kevin Sorbo, the proud conservative played the role of gun expert and gun rights advocate—a recurring role—but quickly recoiled as he was immediately dragged for his comment.

Sorbo tweeted:

A quick Google search will allow anyone permission to comment about guns, per Sorbo's rule.

We thought Sorbo was a First Amendment advocate?

But none of that matters, though, because people did in fact comment.

Sorbo definitely shot himself in the foot with this tweet.

Many used Sorbo's own logic against him.

Most agreed the name of the weapon isn't the issue.

Sorbo hasn't responded to any of his dissenters yet, but that's probably for the best.