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Simone Biles Just Did A New Vault That No Woman Has Ever Done In Competition Before, Because She's Simone Biles

Simone Biles continues to dominate the world of gymnastics at every turn.

On Thursday, October 12, USA Gymnastics held its selection camp to help advise the selection committee on who they should send to compete in the Gymnastics World Championships in Doha, Qatar.

There was no doubt in anyone's mind that Biles would be included on the committee's final list, but they made the decision even easier for them by showing off a new vault which no woman has ever done before.

This new vault is very similar to one Biles had been using previously, called the Cheng, named for Cheng Fei of China who first performed it in 2005. The Cheng involves "a roundoff onto the board and half turn onto the table—but with only one and a half twists off."

Biles has added an additional half twist off, so she now lands facing away from the table. No woman has ever been capable of landing this vault, and it gives Biles a gigantic leg up in Doha.

Those who follow gymnastics closely have noted that the completion of this new vault means that Biles has "upgraded" her already impressive program from last year's performance in Rio in all four events.

If Biles can land moves no other gymnast is capable of in every single event, it's basically a ticket straight to the gold medal.

If she performs the move at the World Championship, it's set to be named The Biles.

Gymnastics Twitter was in an uproar!

Will there ever be, or has there ever been, anyone as good as Simone Biles?

Biles has already assured her place in the history books.

Congratulations, Simone—we can't wait to watch you in Doha!

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