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Ryan Reynolds Delights Twitter With A Very Inappropriate Joke About Performing On 'Sesame Street'

Sesame Street/YouTube

Ryan Reynolds has developed such a pedigree as one of the internet's foremost social media jokesters that it rivals even his A-list movie career.

Whether he's fake-feuding with Hugh Jackman, trolling his wife, Blake Lively, playing pranks on his fellow celebrities or just cracking wise on Amazon, the internet cannot get enough of Reynolds' wacky sense of humor.

But now he's turned that wicked wit on Sesame Street—and in an X-rated way no less.

Reynolds shared a decidedly adult version of appearing on the classic children's show.

Reynolds' joke came after a fan posted screenshots of a classic bit Reynolds did on Sesame Street back in 2010.

He played the letter A, the lead member of the so-called "A Team."

It's an adorable bit.

Reynolds and a handful of Sesame Street characters teach kids about the letter A by sending-up the old 80s television show The A-Team that made Mr. T a household name back in the day.

But, never one to let a joke go, Reynolds saw an opportunity to turn the whole thing into a naughty gag, and went for it full-barrel.

Quote-tweeting a fan's tweet about his appearance on the show, Reynolds turned the whole thing into a joke about buttholes...

"I remember how challenging it was to sing because the A-hole was so tight. But I pushed through because kids all over the country were counting on me."

A-holes, get it?

Reynolds' fans went wild for this defilement of one of children's television's most revered programs.

Seems Ryan Reynolds' reign as social media's favorite jokester won't be ending any time soon.