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Robin Williams' Daughter Found A Sweet Photo Strip From 2006 Of Her And Her Late Dad While Cleaning During Her Self-Isolation

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

All this self-isolation and shelter-in-place orders have all of us changing our routines and finding ways to pass the time now that life as we know it has essentially stopped.

Naturally, one thing many of us have turned to is finally cleaning out all the junk drawers and decaying boxes crammed in our closets.

And for Robin Williams's daughter Zelda, this activity led her to a tiny piece of buried treasure: a very sweet old photo strip of her and her late dad from back in 2006.

Zelda posted the "fun old gems" as she called them to her Twitter account on Wednesday.

The photos show Zelda and her late dad, who passed away in 2014, posed in three adorable and silly poses that give a real glimpse into the sort of tender, silly father the iconic funnyman must have been.

As some eagle-eyed Tweeters discovered, the photos' location itself is yet another fun blast from the past.

The photos were snapped in the photo booth at MTV's bygone afternoon live show TRL, which became an after-school staple for scores of millennial teens from 1998-2008. It has since been revived in several different iterations.

The show, which made The Voice and Today Show host Carson Daly a household name and featured the final television appearance of Beyoncé-led trio Destiny's Child, among other milestones, played the top 10 most-requested music videos of the day, along with visits from celebrity guests.

It was the latter that spawned the tradition of the on-set photo booth where Zelda and her dad snapped the adorable photo strip back in 2006.

The delightful blast from the past that Zelda found comes on the heels of another sweet moment between her and her dad: when she tried the "Which Disney Character Are You?" Instagram filter and got a heart-warming result.

Folks on Twitter were, of course, were deeply moved by this sweet moment Zelda unearthed.

Go clean out those drawers, kids. You never know what treasures you might find!.