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Restaurant Worker Speaks Out After Video Of Woman Throwing Hot Soup In Her Face Goes Viral

Restaurant Worker Speaks Out After Video Of Woman Throwing Hot Soup In Her Face Goes Viral
@section_8_/TikTok; @bummynelly/TikTok

At a Mexican restaurant in Temple, Texas, surveillance footage caught a woman throwing hot soup in a worker's face.

A TikTok of the moment went viral and now the worker is speaking out.

The first video was posted by @section_8_ with text over the video that said:

"She was complaining there was plastic in her soup and was offered a refund or another item, but she continued to be arrogant and then threw the soup in the cashier's face."
"The customer did not ask for a refund or anything; she just wanted to argue."

The video shows the woman accompanied by a man standing at the counter.

She opens the lid and points to it.

A moment later, the soup is thrown at the worker's face followed by the woman briskly walking away.


A Karen in training! @Nelly -The cashier, did not deserve this! #roborockrun #fyp #fypシ #karen

Commenters were appalled at this woman's behavior.







Since the footage received 7.7 million views and 936 thousand likes, the worker, Nelly (@bummynelly), decided to make a video explaining what happened.

Nelly explained she spoke on the phone with the woman before she came into the store.

"This woman had called saying that her soup was so hot that it had melted the plastic lid into the soup."
"I told her I was so sorry, that was so embarrassing because that had never happened to us before."
"I, of course, was offering her refunds and was trying to get her an alternate meal, a free meal, something."
"She did not want to hear it at all."

Nelly said the woman cussed at and called her and the kitchen names.

She attempted to explain to the woman she wanted to help her as long as she didn't yell.

"And then she says, 'Oh no, honey, you haven't heard attitude yet, and I will talk to you any which way I f*cking want.'"
"I said, 'No, ma'am you will not,' and I hung up the phone."

The restaurant became very busy with customers dining at the restaurant and people coming for take out orders.

The woman called back at this moment and Nelly answered.

"She instantly said, 'No, I want to speak to a manager now and not the b*tch that hung up on me.'"
"I said, 'Yes, ma'am, I understand. I don't have anyone to pass the phone to right now. Can you please give me just a moment?'"

There wasn't any answer, so Nelly put her on hold and a minute later the woman had hung up.

Eventually, the woman came into the store as seen on the video. She claimed she didn't start being rude to Nelly until Nelly was rude to her, even though Nelly did everything in her power to right the situation.

Every offer of a refund or free food was denied.

"She did not care."
"All she wanted to do was complain."

That's when Nelly pulled her phone out.

She told the woman:

"'If you do not leave or calm down I'm going to call the police.'"
"And she said, 'I don't give a f*ck.'"
"I did not want to call the police so I locked my phone and put it down."
"I said, 'Ma'am I can still help you, I just need you to not curse and yell at me.'"

That's when the woman decided to throw the soup at Nelly's face.

Nelly said it wasn't the temperature of the soup that was the issue, but the spices.

"It really felt like I had just been pepper sprayed."
"My eyes were burning. My nose was bleeding."

Nelly has called the police and she has pressed charges.


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TikTokers have continued to show her a lot of support.







In a second video, Nelly explained the aftermath we didn't get to see in the video.

Multiple other customers had followed the couple out and got video of their faces and license plate.

Nelly explained:

"After they had sped off, I was embarrassed, I was in pain, I was in shock."
"I ran to the bathroom and I was just crying."

She wanted to thank the man who recorded their faces and license plate as well as the woman who came into the bathroom to help wipe the soup off her face, hair, and clothing.