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People Break Down Why They Instantly Stopped Talking To Someone

Reddit user madison_nn asked: 'What was a red flag that made you stop talking to a person immediately?'

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As much as we might not like to think about it, not ever relationship or friendship is going to stand the test of time. As a matter of fact, a person could end a relationship for any reason they choose.

While that might sound harsh, some people will just decide to walk away at a moment's notice. But there are situations, too, where a person totally sets themselves up for failure.

Redditor madison_nn asked:

"What was a red flag that made you stop talking to a person immediately?"

Don't Get in the Way of Study Groups or Book Clubs

"I told a guy I only had time for a coffee date because I had a study group to attend."

"He kept trying to extend again and again and eventually asked if I would go 'watch a movie' at his place."

"I said, 'Uhh no, I have to leave now.'"

"At my car, he knocked on my car window so I'd roll it down and then refused to let go of the top of the glass. I had to pull away slowly with him still holding on."

"My study group laughed their a**es off when I told them why I was late. He didn't get a second date."

- thetiredninja

But First, Shopping

"My coworker told me he knew his wife was having a seizure at work. He drove to her job (retail/grocery) and asked where she was, and they told him she hadn’t shown up."

"So he knew she was in her car but he decided to shop around a little bit before finding her."

"By the time he got out to her car, someone else had called an ambulance and was helping her."

"I haven’t been able to look at him the same since then."

- Cheap-World3227

"That’s the kind of thing that might find its way to her anonymously."

- W3remaid

The Audacity

"She insulted my job, while not having one, and made fun of my hobbies, all while I was letting her stay at my place for a few months rent-free."

- drifters74

"The audacity of some people sometimes when they judge others for having things they don't have. It boggles my mind honestly. I hope you were able to kick her out of your place quickly and easily."

"Somewhat similar, I stopped talking to my best friend of 13 years because she laughed and said, 'What a f**king loser,' when I told her my boyfriend drove a Kia. She's 24, doesn't have her license, and she's never driven a car before. She doesn't have one of her own, and neither does her boyfriend."

"This was last year when Kia cars were being broken into and stolen left and right, and I was telling her about how it was the second time his car was broken into."

- CrazyRussianCake

That's Not Even a Red Flag. That's...

"They told me that they wanted to drown someone at some point just to watch the life leave their eyes. Not anyone in particular. Just wanted to experience murdering someone, specifically through drowning."

"I noped out of there as fast as I possibly could."

- EnigmaFrug2308

"They're like, 'Anyway, having a pool party this weekend, you should come.'"

- SharkGenie

Real Eyes Realize Real Lies

"This guy I'd meet for coffee for 'mentoring' I figured out was just a liar. Not even about important stuff, just dumb random things. It was super easy to notice, and was insulting that he'd think I was that gullible."

- TheCaptainHat

"It's always such bulls**t with those types. My aunt was married to a guy who always told such huge lies."

"Both my parents always talk about two specific instances: one, where he said he got mauled by a bear and used that as an excuse for quitting his new job. He was injury-free."

"Another instance where he was late for a family dinner and said it was because he stopped at a four-car pile-up and had to put his fingers inside some dude's next to pinch his jugular vein closed and save his life. He even specified that he came to dinner straight from the incident. There wasn't a drop of blood on him."

"I cannot fathom what is going on in the head of people like that who honestly think anyone will buy their s**t."

- Korrin

Different Movie Preferences

"I went on a date with this girl who got visibly angry at the fact I hadn't seen a few movies like 'Reservoir Dogs.' I thought she was joking for about 30 seconds, and I ended up leaving and losing her number."

- Cichlidsaremyjam

"I always get annoyed when people are shocked or angry that I haven’t seen some movie or don’t know who some actor is. I just don’t really spend time watching movies or worrying about who the actors are."

- not-halsey

Falling Way Short of Expectations

"In high school, my longtime crush finally started to reciprocate my feelings and we got to hanging out."

"That’s when he told me he and his buddies liked to ride their bikes and swing baseball bats, as they chased terrified homeless people down."

"When he saw my horrified expression, he was like, 'We don’t actually hit them! They just think we will. At worst, we’ll throw brown paper bags full of dog s**t at them! Hahaha.'"

"That relationship lasted about half a day."

- _hootyowlscissors

The Beginning of a Dark Romance Novel

"A friend of mine told me she was having an affair with a guy who provides 'intimidation' for a criminal organization. She said she didn’t know that about him when the affair began. She implied that it wouldn’t be safe for her to dump him."

"After hanging up the phone I said to myself, 'Stay away from her.'"

"This was a recent conversation. I haven’t talked to her since then, so I don’t know anything more."

"For those saying that I just gave up on her, Friends don’t get a blank check to behave any old way with impunity. If my friend is playing in traffic in the middle of the street, that’s her choice. I’m not going to endanger my own life by going out there with her."

"Yeah, if she’s telling the truth, then she’s in an unfortunate situation. But while she didn’t know about him at the beginning, the situation arose because she cheated on her husband."

"Finally, she’s a casual friend. We’re not close enough for me to go to any heroic lengths to save her. I have no idea why she gave this information to me, a casual friend. It was weird."

- DWright_5

One Measure of a Person's Character: How They Treat Animals

"Back when I was about 15, I was walking my gran’s new small rescue dog, and I saw a group of my friends, including a slightly older boy I fancied."

"I walk up and start chatting to the group talking about our new furry family member and his tragic history, and this lad I liked thought it would be the height of funny in that moment to lunge at the dog."

"He was nearly 6ft already at 17, and the dog was a small poodle. So the size difference from the perspective of that little dog must have been terrifying, especially considering the abuse he’d suffered."

"The poor dog ran behind me shaking like a leaf and the lad was doubled over laughing his a** off."

"I’ve never hated someone so quickly and so intensely before or since."

"I gave him a piece of my mind, which as a teen amounted to me shouting about what a total w**ker he was and how I hoped he shriveled and died. I never bothered speaking to him again, he phased out of the friend group soon after and I don’t know what happened to him."

"Fortunately, the dog was fine and over the course of a couple of years really developed his confidence with my gran, until he was 14 and passed peacefully in his sleep."

- Sharkoslotho

So Concerning

"I'm an alcoholic who is pretty jazzed about being sober now. You'd be surprised how many folks will pull out the, '...and you don't think you could just get away with a drink or two after being sober this long?'"

"I don't know, but I never plan to find out, and it's concerning that you feel the need to tempt me."

- Lemp_Triscuit_11

Body-Shaming: Always a Bad Look

"When I meet someone and they make fun of someone’s looks or just focus on someone’s body/features too much. 'She has a big X,' but so the f**k what? Why does that bother you? Who cares if someone is attractive to you or not?"

"Like, literally why does it matter or change your life at all? I know people in their 40s who still do this…"

- ThrowRA_Act8849

The Fast and the Superficial

"I have an older (15 years old) car that I am emotionally attached to. It is not rusty or dirty, I take great care of it and everything works on it. It looks pretty good for its age and so far it has never let me down."

"I can afford a newer one but I don’t care to upgrade it. Especially since there is nothing wrong with it."

"It is a great indicator for first dates. Most people will give a playfully worded comment but others will be so rude about it."

- Helpful_Partfait994

Next to the Definition of 'Gold Digger' Is This Woman's Face

"I dated a woman who had no job and lived off of rental income from a single property. She told me she wanted to start a new business but had no savings and didn’t want to work."

"This was immediately after she told me she pissed away a 400k inheritance in a few years by traveling."

"I laughed and told her that was what jobs were for. I’m pretty slow most of the time but I’m pretty sure she wanted me to be the solution to that problem."

- createthiscom

Don't Test Them if You Don't Want Them to "Fail"

"I dated a girl for a short while who quickly started alluding to me being the love of her life. She then all of a sudden said she needed to 'find herself' and said we should break up."

"I told her I had fun, thanked her for her time and went on my way."

"Not even two days later she called me crying, asking, 'That's it!? You're not even going to try to chase me!? Did I mean so little to you!? I can't believe what a heartless jerk you are!'"

"Nope... Got out of there but not without a plethora of other calls and messages and unfortunate happenings."

- Daniel0909


"Someone always putting you down as a 'joke.' A self-deprecating joke or two is fine, but when someone is constantly doing it specifically towards you, they’re not your friend."

- Any-Contribution656

There is no question in any of our minds here that these were valid reasons to walk away from the friendships and relationships. From poor morals to pushing boundaries to being downright creepy, these aren't the kind of people most of us want to have in our lives.

The one exception might be the friend with the affair problem. While she technically wouldn't be in this situation if she hadn't agreed to an affair, that didn't change the fact that she needed help. Maybe when it comes to a person's safety, we should do something to assist, and then once everyone is safe, decide after if the relationship is one that should continue.