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Prince Harry Shirks Royal 'No Selfies' Protocol To Comfort Grieving Boy Whose Mother Died ❤️

Photo by Pool/Samir Hussei/WireImage

Sometimes rules are meant to be broken and Prince Harry picks the best time.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been thrilling royal followers on their two-week trip through Australia, Tonga, Fiji and New Zealand, but one young boy touched the Prince so much he broke code and took a selfie with the youngster. It seems six-year-old Otia Nante lost his mother when she took her own life.

Harry stopped to comfort the boy saying:

"Everything will be OK — look at me, I have met this amazing woman and I have now married her."

He finished by saying:

"Your life is going to be sorted."

We can only assume Harry could relate to the boy's pain as he too lost his mother at a young age. Harry's mother, the late Princess Diana, died in an automobile accident when he was only twelve. Losing a parent as such a tender age is a club no one wants to belong to. Hopefully, Harry words were able to provide little Otia with some comfort.

From the look of his smile, we would say yes.

People were touched by Harry's humanity.

A few tears were even flowing.

It looks like Harry was right: things turned out pretty good for him.

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