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Politician Has Giggle Fit Live On Air After Learning That Someone Got Fined For Buying A Kebab Jerrie Demasi

An Australian politician got the giggles live on air after learning of a person fined for “going for a run and buying a kebab." And, it's something to watch.

Mark McGowan, premier of Western Australia, broke down with laughter when asked about the fine during a press conference.

“We're not making it unlawful to go for a run and eat a kebab," McGowan's sign language interpreter can also be seen laughing as he said.

“There's nothing wrong with going for a run and buying a kebab," he said on the interview with Nine News Australia, “it's whether or not you're in a group."

“Bloody good to see him smile!" Jerrie Demasi, said. Demasi, a crime reporter at Nine News Perth, tweeted a video of the laughing fit.

Twitter loved it.

NSW rules state that you can leave your home for “food shopping for essential items," and “exercise, but only if the exercise is done alone or with one other person."

The idea is to still support local food vendors, but doing so safely.