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Night Shift Gas Station Worker Secretly Films Creepy Interaction With Relentless Male Customer

TikToker Sami Jean did her best to ward off the man's advances after he repeatedly tried to get her to 'go for a drive' with him.

Sami Jean nervous about interaction with male customer during night shift

It's no secret that women often find themselves in uncomfortable situations in which they are sexually harassed.

It seems they now have to be conscious at all times of their body language and word choice, just in case their actions could be misinterpreted as "interest" in the other person or an "invitation" for sex.

But these moments are even worse when the woman finds herself alone with a relentless pursuer.

That was the experience Sami Jean recently had, during her night shift at the gas station of all places, but she fortunately was able to catch the moment in a video.

As @nobootyshakin on TikTok, Jean decided to share the interaction as a teachable moment, and also as a confirmation to the doubters that some men really do behave in this way.

You can watch the entire interaction below:


me printing the exact same paper over and over to appear busy #creepyguy #redflags #awkwardlaugh

The male customer had already entered the station and was interacting with Jean when the TikToker began recording a video, facing her and hidden behind other items on the checkout counter.

She printed the same receipt "over and over" to make herself appear busier, in the hopes that it would deter the man, but that did not work.

Jean became unsettled when the man pointed out that he wished his front license plate was removed or covered, so people couldn't see it.

The man then began to comment on Jean's "flirtatious laugh," which had been more of a nervous rise in her voice when the customer had been complaining about his license plate being visible.

The man then offered:

"If you want to go high speeds in cars..."
"Me driving with you as a passenger."
"So do you want to go for a drive? You don't wanna go fast? What if we stayed in a hotel room?"

In addition to printing the receipt repeatedly and saying she needed to get back to work, the TikToker also said she had a boyfriend, all of which the customer dismissed.

The man then said that the police made him feel "nervous," and he encouraged her to start charging them for their food and drinks so they wouldn't come in as often, likely to give him more opportunities to visit without supervision.

TikTok was scared by what happened during the video.











Jean responded to some commenters' suggestions for her to carry a gun, especially if she was going to continue having to work night shifts alone. Jean confided, however, she was more concerned about someone using a concealed weapon against her, rather than her being able to use it in a high-pressure situation to protect herself.

No matter how she intended to protect herself in the future, however, it was clear Sami Jean needed to make a plan for future interactions, either with this customer or others.

Though some locations observe the "Jessica Law," in which employees are not allowed to work alone during the night shift, it was clear Jean's gas station did not.