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NHL Star Hilariously Chides Potty-Mouthed Ref For Swearing During NHL Game

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Have you ever heard the phrase "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me"? In some ways, it's true. Words can't physically hurt you. That doesn't mean you can say whatever you want, however.

Words still have an effect on people, and it's not just insults. Sometimes, vulgar language can be just as uncomfortable or upsetting as teasing.

That's how hockey player Jamie Benn, captain of the Dallas Stars, feels.

Sports fans know that referees tend to use bad language most, if not all of, the time when they are having words with players. That's why it was unsurprising when Ref Wes McCauley did it during an NHL playoff game between the Dallas Stars and the Nashville Predators.

What was surprising was McCauley being told off for doing it.

When Jamie Benn heard the exchange between McCauley and Predators forward Filip Forsberg, he scolded the ref for using the words he did.

Hear it for yourself:

Benn was not about to pass up the opportunity to make a joke at the referee's expense, so he told the ref:

"Your mother would be mad at you for those swear words."

McCauley, to his credit, agreed, saying:

"Yeah, you're right."

It seemed like Twitter was a fan of both men.

Benn is loved:

And McCauley was praised for being an amazing ref:

And of course people were fans of the exchange in general:

The moment was the perfect embodiment of the image of two of the NHL's more colorful characters.

McCauley is known for enjoying the spotlight, especially when he, quite dramatically, announces the results of the video reviews:

The Best of Wes

Meanwhile, Benn has been described as "known joker" by Yahoo Sports:

Jamie Benn being Jamie Benn for 5 minutes straight

Both these things were proven true during this game.

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