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A UK restaurant has admitted to accidentally serving a $6,000 bottle of red wine to a guest.

Hawksmoor Manchester said on Twitter it hoped the customer “enjoyed your evening" after they were given the 2001 bottle of Chateau le Pin Pomerol.

A spokeswoman for the restaurant said the customer ordered a £260 bottle of the Chateau Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande 2001.

She said:

“It was a very busy night at the restaurant and a very simple mistake. A member of staff picked up the wrong bottle, mistaking it for another Bordeaux of the same vintage.
“The wine went out and was served to the customer. The customer didn't know and it was only afterwards that one of the managers picked up what had happened."

The restaurant advised the member of staff who made the error to keep their “chin up", adding that “one-off mistakes happen" and “we love you anyway".

They even posted a picture of the bottles, so we can have a better understanding on the situation.

The restaurant's message sparked a flurry of amused responses on Twitter, while others praised Hawksmoor for its gentle response to the staff member involved.

Sometimes wine needs a little extra to taste better. Clearly Steve has a well-developed palate.

We are all eager to know who this staff member is, because we want him to be our best friend.

It is nice when employers understand that we all make mistakes.

Even other employees appreciate their reaction.

We all hope he got a good tip.

Others even shared their own mistakes, and how they bonded over them.

Some Tweets are just funny.

The good thing is they have a good sense of humor.

Other businesses understand, and are here to support the Hawksmoor manager.

Tasting notes for Chateau le Pin Pomerol on wineinvestment.com read:

“A tremendous effort, this 500-case cuvee (one of Bordeaux's original garage operations) is even better in 2001 than it was in 2000.
“Its deep ruby/plum/purple colour is accompanied by an extraordinary perfume of creme de cassis, cherry liqueur, plums, licorice, caramel and sweet toast."
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If you still haven't seen Avengers: Endgame...well at this point, I can't even comprehend why you haven't. But, if you actually haven't, here's your SPOILER ALERT.

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For high school seniors, the end of the school year is the best time. School work slows down, graduation approaches, and yearbooks are edited.

One thing most seniors have to do is think of a senior quote to go along with their senior photo. Both go in the yearbook and though it's on a rather small scale, it's your legacy.

Madison Guess, a 17-year-old senior from Brownsville, Texas shared her high school photo and quote on Twitter.

Guess used her love of science and her sense of humor to put a creative spin on her unusual last name.

She combined all that to come up with this great quote:

The yearbook quote reads:

“Now you can call me Madison Hypothesis, because I'm an educated Guess."

Madison told Press Association:

“The day the senior quotes were due, I thought to myself, 'you should do a pun with your last name in it!' Thus, Madison Hypothesis was born.
“Growing up, when I would tell someone my last name, they would always say 'hmmm; I don't know' as a joke."

Madison's Twitter post got over 9,000 likes on Twitter.

One user naming Madison an “honorary dad" for her incredible “dad-joke" skill.

This quote is nothing but the truth!

You miss 100% of the puns you don't make

Everyone: Senior quotes should be song lyrics!

Me, an intelectual: PUNS

She definitely caused a reaction.

Others couldn't even put it into words!

Let's just say she knew what she was doing.

The wife of one of Madison's teachers also commented, commending her on her pun skills.

Gloria Schlatter said:

Once Madison finishes high school, she will be going onto college to study biomedical sciences with a track in pre-medicine.

She said:

“My teachers, especially my AP Chemistry teacher, loved it! My friends enjoyed it as well!
“I truly am pleased with the positive reactions people have had on not only Twitter, but on Instagram as well!
“People have been direct messaging me saying that my quote made their day, and that really puts a huge smile on my face."
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Mothers. We know them as the women who gave birth to us (and hold it over our heads), the women who know us inside and out (especially when you don't want them to), and the women we love to hate...and love to love.

Mothers are very devoted to their children, always putting themselves and their own happiness on the back burner so they can make their children happy.

Sharonda Wilson is a mother who proved that this past weekend by missing her own graduation ceremony so that she could attend her son's. But skipping her own ceremony ended up paying off in a big way.

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There are two major pop culture events that are on everyone's mind this week.

The first is the emotional roller coaster that was "The Long Night," the third episode of the eighth season of Game of Thrones.

The other is the premiere of the conclusion to the MCU's Avengers quartet, Avengers: Endgame. The latter has promoted a huge college prank that we still can't quite believe.

A group of pranksters at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology, draped the university's Great Dome, a signature building, with a cloth version of another staple:

Captain America's shield.

People were in love with the prank:

Some people were not pleased with the prank:





But people were quick to shut the naysayers done, saying pulling these type of pranks, known as "hacking" are a time honored tradition at MIT:


This is not the first time MIT students played a prank like this. Students for generation have pulled off similar pranks, known as "hacks" all centered around the dome.

In 1994, a realistic police cruiser was put on the dome, and in 1999, the dome was decked out to look like a Star Wars fan favorite, R2D2.

Most of the supporters thought Captain America would approve:


And it turns out they were right, because Captain America himself responded to the prank!

The students' efforts garnered the acknowledgment of “Very cool!" on Twitter from actor Chris Evans, who portrays Captain America in the films, and who happens to be a Massachusetts native.

The shield went up on Saturday night, but come Monday morning, it was, regrettably, taken down.

While he was not involved in this year's prank, 20-year-old Raymond Huffman shot an aerial video from his drone.

The video was posted on YouTube has received over 65,000 views:

MIT Avengers Hack www.youtube.com

Huffman was told by a friend that was involved in the prank that it took six months of planning, and we're not surprised.

The pranks are not an annual event, but something that happens spontaneously, and the students involved usually prefer to remain anonymous.

Huffman said:

"It's kind of cool to see the hacking culture has been maintained," Huffman said. "These are things you hear about when you first come to MIT."

In our opinion, cool doesn't even begin to describe it. We can't wait to see what prank MIT students pull off next!

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Have you ever heard the phrase "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me"? In some ways, it's true. Words can't physically hurt you. That doesn't mean you can say whatever you want, however.

Words still have an effect on people, and it's not just insults. Sometimes, vulgar language can be just as uncomfortable or upsetting as teasing.

That's how hockey player Jamie Benn, captain of the Dallas Stars, feels.

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For most students, college is their home away from home for a minimum of four years. The only difference? This home costs a lot more money than most of these students have seen in their lives at that point.

It's hard enough being a hard working student trying to get good grades so they can have a bright future. It's even harder for those who have taken out loans to pay for schooling.

Girls have the added stress of their menstrual cycle on top of all that. Every month, we get a little gift disturbs eating habits, breaks sleeping patterns, messes with emotions, and comes with a nasty little side effect called cramps.

Of course the worst part is the loss of blood and the need for sanitary products to make sure that blood doesn't stain our clothes or cause infections. Women spend a lot of money stocking up on these, and yet, it's never enough.

Then there's the constant stress of getting your period when you're unprepared. You don't have anything with you and you don't have anything back in your dorm and you can't wait until your next shopping trip. What are you supposed to do?

If you're 22-year-old University of the West of England (UWE) Bristol Daisy Wakefield, then you go to the nearest bathroom to grab supplies. Or at least, you should be able to.

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