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Newsmax Anchor Suspended After Remark About Israel Being American Jews' 'Home Country' Sparks Outrage


Newsmax, the extremist, far-right news network that devotes most of its time and energy to praising Donald Trump and attacking President Joe Biden, made a major misstep on Thursday, May 13.

During a segment criticizing President Biden's response to the conflict between Israel and Palestine, host Grant Stinchfield claimed Israel was the "home country" of American Jewish people.

You can see the moment here:

The statement received immediate backlash for being antisemitic.

Obviously, Jews born in the United States are US citizens and consider the USA their home country.

Stinchfield has gotten into similar trouble before for claiming there's a "strong case" President Biden is "not really a Catholic."

After facing intense backlash from all sides, Stinchfield was removed from the air.

He was replaced temporarily by Eric Bolling, the former Fox News host who was suspended from the network after sexual harassment allegations.

Many pointed out Stinchfield was spreading common antisemitic rhetoric in the guise of kindness towards the Jewish community.

A Jewish person can care about what's happening in Israel while still considering themselves American just like the descendants of Italian immigrants can care about Italy.

This shouldn't need to be pointed out.

It's unclear whether Newsmax will allow Stinchfield to return to the airwaves anytime soon.

Even if he does, many viewers will likely have a hard time forgetting this uncomfortable moment.