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Newsmax Roasted After Conducting An Entire Interview With Sean Spicer With His Mic Muted


Former press secretary Sean Spicer—who served in the Trump Administration—did a Newsmax interview with his mic turned completely off.

Host Chris Salcedo—whose mic was on and did not realize his guest was muted—laughed in response to Spicer's comments as they discussed First Lady Jill Biden's use of the Spanish phrase, "Si se puede," during her speech to California farmers in honor of César Chávez Day.

"It isn't her language you know, good ole' college try I suppose," remarked Salcedo.

Spicer began talking and unbeknownst to him, nothing he said was audible to viewers.

However, based on the conservative host's response, whatever Spicer said tickled his funny bone.

The pair bantered in this manner for the entire minute-and-a-half segment, which you can see below.

When asked what was coming up on his program Spicer & Co. that night, Spicer apparently touched on the topic of Major League Baseball's possible relocation of the 2021 All-Star Game in Atlanta following Georgia's new voting law.

Salcedo responded by claiming that the MLB "opposes voter integrity, who knew?"

The silent segment was awkward to watch as viewers were left filling in the blanks whenever Spicer's lips moved.

The amateur comedians of Twitter leaped at the chance to roast the embarrassing snafu.

People preferred this version of a Spicer interview.

The interview concluded with Salcedo acknowledging Spicer with, "Great point, great point."