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Newsmax Host Dragged For Claiming Biden Wants To Eliminate All Carbon Dioxide From The Earth


Newsmax host John Bachman is not a scientist, and he demonstrated that fact after showing a clip of John Kerry—the head of climate policy in the Biden administration—giving a speech on the importance of President Joe Biden's climate jobs act.

Mistakenly believing John Kerry suggested the President wanted to remove carbon dioxide from the air in general, Bachman asked, with a straight face, "what're the trees gonna turn into oxygen?"

Aside from the fact the political right has had no interest in acknowledging humans have negatively affected the climate at all, this idea is nonsense—considering humans aspirate carbon dioxide, as do literally most animals on planet Earth.

The trees will have plenty to work with.

The carbon emissions Kerry is referring to are the excess emissions—mostly from corporations and vehicles—that release massive amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, trapping heat on the planet's surface.

This effect—called the "greenhouse effect"—has raised global temperatures at a record rate in the recent past and poses a threat to human civilization and the very well-being of planet earth.

Climate change threatens human life today, from water sources, to entire cities and coastlines becoming submerged under the ocean as the polar ice caps melt.

It also threatens several species of animal across the face of the earth, as their food sources will become extinct should climate change become irreversible.

The battle against climate change continues on regardless of what Newsmax thinks about Kerry's supposed plans to suffocate humans by removing all carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Don't worry, the trees will get by.