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Newsmax Host Dragged After Bragging About His Expensive, Over-The-Top Cargo Pants


If there's one fashion trend nobody wants to see come back, it is cargo bottoms of any kind used by people who aren't in need of all those pockets.

These over-the top pants and shorts with more pockets than most human beings could possibly ever need are viewed as one of the oddest fashion moments of the early 2000s.

So of course the person who would try to bring it back would be Greg Kelly, a far right-wing host from Newsmax—who also boasted about how much money he dropped on the least flattering pants ever created.

Here they are in all their glory.


Those BUGLE BOY jeans, as he advertised, have more zippers than a Final Fantasy character.

They also go for a ridiculous price of $1200-$1500.

After being dragged for the pants, Greg Kelly decided to stick up for himself with another boastful tweet.

The former administration was generally littered with self-aggrandizing claims like this.

Best, most, biggest, etc...

People did not stop busting Greg Kelly's "crackers."

Kelly continued to brag and joked (?) he'd been hired by Vogue.

The Twitter account he tagged is verified, but inactive.

But his crackers continued to be busted.

Despite what people are trying to tell Greg Kelly, he seems pretty attached to the delusion his pants are the pinnacle of male fashion in 2021.

All 12 zippers, 11 pockets, baggy knees and bunched ankles included.