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People Break Down The Most Out Of Touch Thing An Older Person Ever Said To Them

"Reddit user therapistscouch asked: 'What is the most out of touch thing an older person has told you?'"

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People of an older generation can have an issue learning new ways to use language.

That means it's up to the younger generations to teach and guide.

Especially when they don't want to.

Older generations saying inappropriate things can be sort of the norm.

How we choose to react can make all the difference.

Redditor therapistscouch wanted to hear what crazy things an elder has said, so they asked:

"What is the most out-of-touch thing an older person has told you?"

The Fix-Up

"In Southern California, my aunt, who heard we still rent, was like, 'You don't have to buy a new home, just get yourself a $200k starter home and fix it up.'"

"I was like, 'starter homes that need fixing up in LA are like $1.2M' starting."


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Questions Ma?

" I've become the mediator between my boomer mom and millennial daughter. When my mom was complaining that my daughter never takes her advice on parenting I asked her if she took the advice her older relatives offered when she was raising me. Her answer, without any irony, was 'but their advice didn't apply because times were different by then.' You just answered your own question, Ma." - Wikkidding

Just Fly

"From a parent 'When we die, you can just fly over here and move in for 6 months while you figure out what to do with all of our stuff.' Sure, and what income will I have after I need to quit my job to do this?"

- PikaGoesMeepMeep

"My mother has lists of people who she thinks will want all her stuff. And if they don't want it I am supposed to donate it to the Smithsonian. I live overseas and have small children, and she thinks I'm just going to fly over and leave my kids and husband to sort everything out. Also, she has a list of places she wants me to sprinkle her ashes all over the world that I am just supposed to fund myself."

- Airportsnacks

Sit Down

"My dad visited me in the restaurant I was working in at the moment during peak hours and said 'Just tell your boss you're taking your break now and sit with me.' Yeah, that's not how it works..."

- ThatsNotWhatyouMean

"My Dad has come to visit me (uninvited) at every job I've ever had. From gas station cashier to administrative assistant. When I would have to interrupt his conversation to do my job, he would say with an annoyed tone 'ok, I see you're busy.' Yes. That's what we do at work, Dad."

- Dependent_Top_4425

Take Me

"Just walk in and hand them a resume. They will hire you on the spot!"

- OkRegular7090

"If that doesn't work, offer to work for free to get your foot in the door!"

- BrevityIsTheSoul

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Money, money, money...

"Anything my dad says about money. His mom was a widow and remarried an eventually wealthy man, who helped my dad bankroll his own business, which my dad turned into a considerable net worth. He thinks everyone has access to startup capital because it happened to him. He thinks everyone should be at his level financially. He thinks everyone pays cash for everything. He is so out of touch with reality because it stopped affecting him for so long and he just doesn't understand why everyone doesn't do what he did."

- EatMyA**Tomorrow

The Crash

"My mother said to me just a few days ago that a down payment for a house isn't that hard to save up for. I told her I barely have 5 grand saved up so far, she insisted that that is more than enough. I had to stress that 20% down has been the norm in our area since the 2008 crash. She hasn't bought property since the '90s."

- FascismHasntBenTried

The Minimum

“'Minimum wage jobs are entry-level, mostly for high schoolers to get a foot in the working world. If you want a better job, you have to work for it.' So I said, 'Ok, so, if it’s for high schoolers, it should run on high school time, right? So, every minimum wage job should be closed from 7-3 and from 8 pm on? So, who’s making the coffee? Or fixing your hamburger for lunch?' He had no response and quickly changed the subject."

- bookworm1421


"Your side job is waiting tables at a senior retirement home? You have a college degree. You should apply to run the place. 'Um... the current director has a Master's in that related field."

- MoonieNine

"This is the thing they REALLY don't get. Having a degree is NOT enough anymore. You have to know somebody. Like blah blah blah you have a Masters degree in science! Yeah well, most jobs now require a PhD because there are so many of those."

- Asplesco

Dumb it Down

"A woman told me "I always see you reading books. You'll never get a man if you're too smart. They don't like that sort of thing."

- AzureGriffon

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"My boomer ex-father-in-law was ashamed of the fact that my son, his grandson, is epileptic. He tried to forbid me from referring to his seizures as seizures and instead call them 'episodes' so people wouldn't know. Ummm, no. I'm not going to trivialize a potentially life-threatening condition so that your golf buddies don't think less of your descendants and, subsequently, your gene pool. Calling it an episode will prevent him from getting the urgent medical attention he would need in an emergency."

- Adrienne27

Shut Up

"My grandpa spent a good 15 mins on Christmas Day having a rant about female commentators in sport. About how 'They just don’t shut up' as though it’s not literally their job to talk about football or something."

- wellyboot97

"My dad is in his mid-60s and very much says the same thing, especially with football because he’s got the belief that women shouldn’t be commentating since they’ve never played the game. This is particularly true when he sees them reporting from the sidelines about what X coach said to this team during halftime. I don’t bother commenting because not only is it a waste of my time but him sitting on the couch complaining about it is not going to change anything."

- AsteroidMike

Baby Fever

"My grandma tells me to gain weight so that my hips can better support childbirth. Like every time she sees me I hear this, including when I was fighting cervical cancer. My only purpose in her eyes is to make babies, I guess."

- Particular-Natural12

"Aside from the fact you’re a human and not a baby incubator, that’s how even how it works Gaining weight doesn’t change your bone structure."

- Mushroomc0wz

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It doesn't take a lot to censor thoughts when they come out.

But apparently, the older you get, the more difficult that task becomes.

Sometimes rude is just rude. And out of line is out of line.

Out of touch will never really go fully out of style.

Do you have any similar comments to add? Let us know in the comments below.