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Model Horrified After Security Cameras Catch Alleged Stalker Repeatedly Watching Her Sleep

Model Horrified After Security Cameras Catch Alleged Stalker Repeatedly Watching Her Sleep

A TikTok model horrified internet viewers with a multi-part series outlining her saga with a stalker who repeatedly watched her through her bedroom window in the middle of the night.

The TikToker, @gustejanus, first caught viewers attention when she shared how police officers arrived at her door one morning, apparently because her mother had witnessed the stalker the prior night and reported it.

That led @gustejanus and her mother to review their Ring security camera footage from the prior night.

The overnight footage was absolutely terrifying. The stalker had walked directly up to @gustenjanus' bedroom window and looked in.

When the police "did nothing," @gustejanus and her mother looked at the cameras the following night, only to be more creeped out.


still can’t believe this happened to me, the ptsd is real-stay safe out there ladies🥲 #storytime #stalkertok #mystalkerstory #creepy #fyp #scarytok

Toward the end of the clip, the stalker appeared to look around the exterior of the house.



In part two, @gustejanus explained the stalker had appeared to watch her only moments after she came home for the night. For her, that gave startling proof that he knew her schedule and whereabouts.

She went on to explain that because the police didn't do anything—aside from telling her to keep her blinds shut forever and "live like a fu**ing vampire"—she set up a rope booby trap and waited.


Reply to @itzkaileeeee PART 2 of finding out I had a stalker 🥲 #mystalkerstory #stalker #stalkertok #scary #creepy #viral #foryou #storytime #fyp

In part three, @gustejanus shared how the stalker situation only felt scarier when she recalled her nightly routine—"smoking fat a** bong rips."

She shared about a week after she'd put up the rope booby trap, her mother heard a thud outside the window.

And it happened just moments after @gustejanus arrived home.


Reply to @emmcee1 PART 3 of finding out I had a stalker 🥲 #mystalkerstory #stalker #stalkertok #fyp #viral #foryou #storytime #creepy #scary

In part four, @gustejanus discussed when things hit the fan.

After hearing the thud of the stalker tripping over the booby trap, she looked at her Ring app to see what the camera could see.

She saw the stalker directly outside her window and immediately sprinted to her mother's room for help.

Her mother, half asleep and horrified, ran to the window, opened the blinds and screamed in his face.


Reply to @tmcgraw4475 PART 4 of finding out I had a stalker.. #stalkertok #mystalkerstory #creepy #scary #viral #foryou #storytime #fyp

TikTokers couldn't believe how scary things got.

Ashley McGill/TikTok



In part five, @gustejanus explained how the stalker calmly walked away following her mother's screaming and pounding at the window.

She then called the police, how arrived and again did nothing.

@gustejanus couldn't believe how unhelpful they'd been.

"This is literally how women die. Because no one listen's to us and we're constantly in danger."

Reply to @brookelyncrisp PART 5-he was never caught🥲 #greenscreenvideo #mystalkerstory #stalkertok #stalker #creepy #scary #viral #fyp #storytime

The next pair of videos offered viewers some details on the fallout from it all. First of all, @gustejanus moved a few stories up to avoid window lurkers.

But she also may have discovered the identity of the stalker. Another young woman who lives by her reached out to say that her own stalker shared the same description.

@gustejanus turned over all her videos to the other woman's lawyer and private investigator, who are in the midst of building a case against the guy.


Reply to @comfygirl1989 what to do if you find out you’re being stalked!!! #mystalkerstory #stalkertok #creepy #scary #fyp #viral #storytime


Reply to @finallychangedmyusername possibly identified him??? Not sure.. #mystalkerstory #stalkertok #update #storytime #creepy #scary #fyp

But just in case, TikTokers offered some parting wisdom.



Rachel Hierlmeier/TikTok


We hope @gustejanus never has to worry about anything like this in the future, especially now that she's off the ground level.

But we also hope that stalker reports like this be taken seriously. These clips illustrated exactly what happens when they're not.