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Minnie Driver Just Revealed The Bizarrely Sweet Thing Nic Cage Did For His Son On A Plane

The Oscar nominee chimed in on an Instagram post about all the weird things Nicolas Cage has done with a wild tale of her own.

Minnie Driver; Nicolas Cage
Mike Marsland/WireImage/GettyImages, Michael Loccisano/WireImage/GettyImages

Minnie Driver was inspired to share a sweet but peculiar memory she had of fellow Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage on an Instagram post that paid tribute to the National Treasure actor's quirkiness.

The @iamthirtyaf Instagram page posted a carousel post of comments relating to Cage, his personal life, and his resume–for no other reason than to highlight what a fascinating celebrity he is.

Last Monday, the Original Poster captioned the post with:

"When I started getting today's carousel ready late last night, I did not anticipate that it would be entirely focused on a one Mr. Nicolas Cage."
"Really was not on my bingo card for the week. But here we are, and I am embracing it."
"Things don't always have to make sense."
"And now, a #NicCage roundup to brighten your Monday feeds. Have the best day, fam."

In the comments section, Driver contributed her own eye witness account of the enigmatic actor to help "brighten" the feed.

She wrote:

"Was once on a plane with NC and his son and a seat had also been purchased for his son’s imaginary friend."


Users were pleased as punch to learn of her anecdote.





The original post included screenshots of social media users expressing awe of Cage.

Some even mentioned how underrated his 2004 action adventure flick National Treasure–which spawned the 2007 sequel National Treasure: Book of Secrets–was.



Others talked about how Cage played a small part in their lives.



Purchasing an additional seat on the plane for an imaginary friend may seem very outlandish to the average person.

But based on Cage's inscrutable character and behavior, it seems very much on brand for him.

Case in point, here are a couple of interesting factoids about Cage from womb to tomb. Literally.

In May, Cage told Stephen Colbert as a guest on his show that one of his earliest childhood memories was from inside the womb–as in before he was even born.

And back in 2010, Cage bought himself a nine-foot pyramid tomb for his future burial at a cemetery in New Orleans.

He's a national treasure, indeed.