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Hillary Clinton Shut Down An Absolutely Bonkers Impeachment Conspiracy Theory With The Perfect GIF

Donald Trump's impeachment has brought a boatload of unhinged conspiracy theories out of the woodwork of conservative media.

Brian J. Karem, the White House correspondent for Playboy, posted a particularly insane one on Twitter.

Apparently, inside the White House, at least one person thinks Hillary Clinton may have lost the 2016 election on purpose so that Democrats could impeach Trump three years later.

There's one person who had an especially hard time believing this theory.

Hillary Clinton herself, who responded with an appropriate GIF.

Twitter couldn't stop cracking up at Clinton's low-key shade.

Many people had a good time imagining how exactly this conspiracy theory would work.

Hidden inside the White House's conspiracy theory is the admission that Clinton could have won the election if she wanted, which is a strange thing for them to claim.

Who could possibly believe such madness?

Perhaps this conspiracy goes deeper than we can even imagine...

How better to take power than by giving it all away!

Who knows what the White House is going to suspect of Hillary Clinton next.



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