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Hillary Clinton Just Threw Some Not-So-Subtle Shade At Trump And His Breath With Epic Tweet

Hillary Clinton Just Threw Some Not-So-Subtle Shade At Trump And His Breath With Epic Tweet
Alliance for Women in Media Foundation/Getty Images for Alliance for Women in Media Foundation; Michael Zarrilli/Getty Images

It's certainly no secret that former Republican President Donald Trump and his 2016 election opponent, Democratic Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, are not exactly friends.

But a new tweet from Clinton gives us a deeper glimpse into just how much she dislikes the former President—allegedly that is!

Without ever naming him, Clinton posted a perfect call out of what can only be assumed to be Trump, in response to a journalist praising the new political thriller she co-wrote with Canadian mystery author Louise Penny, State of Terror.

Clinton's book centers on a villainous President named Eric Dunn, whom journalist Elizabeth Renzetti described as "a hulking moron whose breath smells of meat." Sound familiar?

Well, Clinton isn't naming any names—but she's not not naming names either.

In a quote-tweet of Renzetti's review of her book, Clinton had the perfect quippy response, seen below.

In her tweet, Clinton joked that President Eric Dunn "could have been based on anyone..." buuuuut we're pretty sure we know what she means. If you were going to make a shady reference to Trump without actually naming him, you couldn't really do much better than "hulking moron whose breath smells of meat"--especially given the man's love of a Big Mac.

But if you still doubt who Dunn is based on, the bit of dialogue that directly follows the meat-smelling description of Dunn makes it pretty much crystal clear. In the passage, the book's a pantsuit-wearing Secretary of State main character (ring any bells?) Ellen Adams tells Dunn:

"If there is a disaster, it will be dumped at your big gold door. I'll make sure of that. ..."

If you know of anyone else on Earth who famously has a 24k gold front door, we're all ears!

On Twitter, people were absolutely loving these very thinly veiled digs at the former President.

Given State of Terror's success--it debuted at Number 1 on The New York Times Bestseller List--you could say Hillary Clinton wrote the book on insulting Donald Trump. Your move, 45.