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Hillary Clinton Scorches Republican Senators With Blunt Theory About Trump's Impeachment Trial

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

As the Senate holds former President Trump's second impeachment trial, Republicans have already been preparing to acquit him by claiming the trial is unconstitutional.

On Twitter, former Secretary State and Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton spoke out against Senate Republicans, writing that many of them bore a share of the responsibility for the January 6 insurrection.

Twitter agreed whole-heartedly with Clinton, replying to her tweet with messages of support.

Trump's second impeachment continued a trend of Clinton correctly predicting what our nation would go through should Donald Trump win the election in 2016.

Considering the danger many U.S. Congresspeople were in, it's alarming how casually some Senate Republicans are treating Trump's trial.

Republicans have, very noticeably, not made any efforts to defend Trump's innocence regarding the actions he's been accused him of.

They just don't think he deserves to be held accountable for them.

Hillary Clinton's frank honesty drew praise from the internet.

The eyes of the nation are on Donald Trump's second impeachment trial, with many hoping the former President will be held accountable for the violent threat to democracy he helped incite.