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Prankster Comedian Interrupts Herschel Walker Campaign Event To Hand Him Condoms In Viral Video

Jason Selvig of 'The Good Liars' didn't have much success with the Georgia GOP Senate candidate.

Prankster Comedian Interrupts Herschel Walker Campaign Event To Hand Him Condoms In Viral Video

Comedian Jason Selvig—one half of the comedy duo The Good Liars—is making headlines after he interrupted a campaign event for Georgia Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker to hand him a package of condoms.

This is not out of left field for Selvig because The Good Liars are known for lampooning American politics with digs at the NRA, Evangelical Christian fundamentalism, Fox News, the Trump family and the MAGA movement and QAnon crowd.

The viral video shows Selvig at the event in Macon, Georgia, as he offered him several blue-packaged condoms. Walker appears irritated and can be seen putting his hand on Selvig’s chest. He says something but it is inaudible.

You can see the video below.

The Good Liars published a picture of Selvig and Walker onstage to their official Twitter account, writing that they tried to give Walker the condoms for "obvious reasons."

You can see the duo's tweet below.

The "obvious reasons" the group referred to are reports Walker fathered several children out of wedlock, paid for a girlfriend's abortion, and pressured her to get a second one despite coming out against reproductive rights and endorsing a proposal to ban all abortion procedures nationwide—even for cases of rape, incest and when the mother's life is in jeopardy.

Shortly afterward, The New York Timesinterviewed the same woman, as well as her friend, corroborating the original reporting by The Daily Beast. The woman additionally told The New York Times that she ended her relationship with Walker when he advised her to have a second abortion in 2011.

Family court records in New York confirm that Walker and the woman had a son, who was born in 2012. Earlier this month, Walker acknowledged that his accuser was the mother of his son, and as to whether she had an abortion, Walker claimed that he didn't "know anything about that."

Additionally, Walker acknowledged the possibility of having given his accuser a 'get well' card and a check for other reasons, but said he could not remember doing so.

Social media users praised the duo while criticizing Walker and his actions.

The Good Liars' stunt is only their latest one this month.

Earlier, the duo pranked former Republican President Donald Trump's supporters by selling "Let's F**k Brandon" shirts at a Trump rally, spinning off the "Let's go Brandon" meme started by conservatives to denigrate Democratic President Joe Biden.

In a video posted to TikTok, Selvig's fellow "Good Liar" Davram Stiefler approaches a man selling a table of merchandise and asked if he is selling any "Let's F*** Brandon" shirts, assuring the seller it's a common saying.