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MAGA Fan Goes Viral For Bonkers Explanation Why Putin Should Be President Instead Of Biden

MAGA Fan Goes Viral For Bonkers Explanation Why Putin Should Be President Instead Of Biden

A Trump supporter gave a bizarre response to comedian Jason Selvig's question at a Trump MAGA rally in Michigan this past weekend. Selvig is part of the comedy duo The Good Liars.

Together with Davram Stiefler, Selvig famously interviews right-wing supporters and pundits eliciting absolute nonsense or self owns. They also troll right-wing figures online and with posters and fake book covers.

At the Michigan MAGA rally, Selvig asked the woman who she would prefer to have as President between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin.

Without hesitation she answered:

"Putin, definitely."

Her reasoning?

No one is quite sure.

Of Putin, the woman began to say, "I believe he's been given a tough ... " Her sentence then trailed off, as she likely realized how insensitive whatever she was about to say would be.

She changed course and said:

"Since World War II, Russia's been the bad guy when in actuality the Nazis left Germany, ended up going to the Ukraine, coming in here."
"George Bush was actually a Nazi."

You can watch her response below:

The exchange is comedic gold.

And deeply disturbing. Viewers are beside themself on Twitter, holding nothing back.

One person responded:

"[This] is exactly why we tell children not to snack on lead paint chips."

Someone else tweeted:

"To become a citizen of this country, one has to pass an exhaustive civics exam or either just be born here."
"Which one do you think she is?"

And another tweeted:

"When my friend moved to the USA he couldn't understand why there are so many instructions for simple products."
"After [a] couple of weeks, he understood why ..."

In actuality, the woman could not be more wrong.

George Bush was not a Nazi, rather he joined the Navy to fight the Nazis. He ended up serving as a torpedo bomber pilot in the Pacific theater of World War II, flying 58 total attack missions.

Her inaccuracies got past no one.

Another person noted:

"I don't know how or why they are all so detached from reality."
"And confidently so wrong on Every. Single. Point."

Of course, the interviewee seemed to take no issue with the horrors of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and Putin's war crimes.

Some are saying her proud preference is wildly inappropriate coming from a United States citizen safe within its borders.

While there is nothing of actual value to what was said during the exchange, the interview spoke volumes as to where we might be as a country.