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Conservatives Epically Tricked Into Agreeing The Bible Should Be Banned From Schools In Viral Video

Conservatives Epically Tricked Into Agreeing The Bible Should Be Banned From Schools In Viral Video

Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler, the comedy duo known as The Good Liars, have made a name for themselves for the expert way of getting conservatives to tell on themselves and reveal the absurdity of their own beliefs.

But when it came to the topic of the recent wave of book bans in school systems across the United States, what the duo got the Trump-loving MAGA crowd to support was on a whole other level.

Using nothing more than descriptions of stories in the book itself, Selvig and Stiefler were able to trick several far-right conservatives into actually agreeing the Bibleshould be included in the school book bans.

See it for yourself below.

When it came to getting the Trump-loving types to agree to such a thing, it took very little convincing.

Selvig told one couple, a woman and a man in a MAGA hat:

"There's a book that we've seen that's in libraries in lots of schools that features a story of two daughters having sex with their dad."

The couple are, of course, appalled.

When Selvig asks them if that book should be available in schools, they fervently agree it should not.

The man in the MAGA hat even asked:

"Why do kids need to read that?"

In another clip, Stiefler tells two older women a similar story before revealing the book in question is actually the Christian Bible—the book of Genesis, to be exact.

The duo's stunt was inspired by the wave of school systems banning books about the Holocaust and America's history of slavery that have left people all over the country disturbed.

The duo told Newsweek:

“We saw stories of books being banned in public schools as a result of cherry-picking certain passages that could be deemed offensive. The Bible has some pretty messed up stuff in it."
“We wondered what conservatives would say if they heard stories without the context of the rest of the book. Would they want the Bible banned from school libraries?”

It turns out, the answer is yes.

And on Twitter, people couldn't help but headdesk—even if they weren't exactly surprised to see the MAGA crowd not recognize the Bible they claim to love so much.

Hypocrisy is looking more and more like a conservative necessity.