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Woman Tries To Blame 'High' Gas Prices On Biden, And Gets Called All The Way Out In Viral Video

Woman Tries To Blame 'High' Gas Prices On Biden, And Gets Called All The Way Out In Viral Video
@rebeccawilhoit/TikTok; @jwilliamj/TikTok

As she filled up the gas tank of her SUV—spending a whopping $72 in the process—one TikTok user decided to pull out her phone, capture the moment and blame the costly experience on President Joe Biden.

With a triumphant smirk and a sarcastic thumbs up, she had no idea about the oncoming internet thrashing that was just around the corner.

Her political delusions came crashing down when TikTok user jwilliamj performed a deep dive into just about every detail involved in her video. He then destroyed her anti-Biden argument.

He first noted the fine details of her car.

"Judging based off that door handles, the rear fender and window shape, and the back tire--which, ya know, has a Nissan logo on it, I'm going to assume that this a 2006 Nissan Pathfinder."
Then he took a look at the gas pump to glean some more info.
"That same Pathfinder, carrying about 24 gallons of gas—which is well above the average larger car—and getting a combined 19 miles per gallon, which is pretty average for SUVs..."
"Do the math on that, that's about three dollars per gallon, which is high."

Finally, he noted one other key detail.

"But this video was posted on January 31, so unless you can show me a policy that Biden implemented eleven days into his presidency that spiked gas prices to some unprecedented number that you've never seen before..."
"'re not paying seventy dollars because of Biden. You're paying seventy dollars because your car guzzles gas like a fu**ing sink hole!"

People on TikTok were absolutely loving jwilliamj's verbal destruction, which has already attracted over four million likes.

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Some people took her side, blaming higher gas prices on Biden's decision to cancel the cross-border permit of the Keystone XL gas pipeline, a move that would halt construction of the pipeline, which would transport oil from Canada to various processing plants in the United States.

But the likelihood Biden's decision led to gas price increases is still hotly disputed.

And others saw her finger pointing as just the latest example in a far-reaching habit.

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Perhaps a viral video like this one was enough to get others to consider more than just one variable when something inconveniences their personal lives.