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QAnoner Dragged After Asserting Trump Will Regain Office In 2021—With JFK Jr. As His VP

QAnoner Dragged After Asserting Trump Will Regain Office In 2021—With JFK Jr. As His VP
@TheGoodLiars/Twitter; Lawrence Schwartzwald/Sygma via Getty Images

If you were ever under the impression devotees of the QAnon conspiracy theory would eventually run out of preposterous nonsense, allow us to disabuse you of that notion.

QAnoners now believe the very verifiably dead John F. Kennedy Jr.—son of assassinated Democratic President John F. Kennedy who himself died in a 1999 plane crash—is alive and well.

And a supporter of former Republican President Donald Trump.

And he's going to be Trump's new Vice President when Donald Trump retakes the White House later this year.

Yes, you read all that right.

A woman explaining precisely that, captured on video by comedy duo The Good Liars and seen below, has the internet in full-on gag mode.

Interestingly, the woman openly admits in the video she has no basis for her beliefs.

When asked to account for how a Trump/Kennedy ticket would ascend to the White House, she simply stated she had no answer.

"...there's some things I think I know and a lot of things I don't."

Oh, okay then!

But despite her inability to explain how any of this works, she was still willing to bet The Good Liars' Jason Selvig $100 it would happen.

Now lest you think this is just one deeply deluded woman, rest assured there is an entire subset of QAnon followers who have been obsessed with JFK Jr. as far back as 2018.

That's when they began to believe that he is actually Q, the eponymous freedom fighter QAnoners are convinced is helping Donald Trump rid the Earth of the cabal of Satan-worshiping baby eaters who run the world and are also maybe secretly lizardpeople?


Anyway, they believe JFK Jr. actually walks among us, specifically in the body of a man named Vincent Fusca, who frequently attends QAnon—and Trump—related rallies and seems unwilling to deny he is John F. Kennedy Jr.

And that's good enough for the QAnoners!


Naturally, this whole deeply bizarre rabbit hole had the internet draggkng the woman espousing this nonsense to filth.

Anyway, QAnoners also believed the Trump/Kennedy presidency would begin in April, and May and on July 4th, and now August so stay tuned.