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QAnon Believers Flock To Get Selfies With Man They're Absurdly Convinced Is JFK Jr. At Trump Rally

QAnon Believers Flock To Get Selfies With Man They're Absurdly Convinced Is JFK Jr. At Trump Rally
@patriottakes/Twitter; Brownie Harris/Corbis via Getty Images

QAnon believing Donald Trump supporters have one more bizarre conviction to their already lengthy list of bizarre convictions.

John F. Kennedy, Jr. is still alive and just attended a Trump MAGA rally in Ohio.

Sadly, folks, this QAnon conspiracy theory is as true as portraits of Bigfoot riding the Loch Ness Monster with an alien.

We want it to be true, but sadly Nessie and Bigfoot have never met and...


...John F Kennedy, Jr. died in a plane crash almost 22 years ago.

On July 16, 1999 JFK, Jr. crashed in a small plane he was piloting off the coast of Massachusetts with his wife Carolyn and his sister-in-law, Lauren Besette. The destroyed plane was recovered, bodies were found and funerals were had.

And yet, according to multiple social media posts, some Trump supporters firmly believed JFK, Jr. was at a recent MAGA rally in Ohio. And this isn't the first time QAnon adherents spotted the deceased son of Jack and Jackie Kennedy.

Sasquatch, Nessie nor aliens made an appearance at the rally.

That we know of.


In reality, the supposed JFK, Jr. is actually Trump supporter Vincent Fusca.

But that didn't seem to convince some QAnoners.


According to Daily Dot, the Kennedy, Jr. conspiracy began back in 2018 when the anonymous, self-proclaimed government insider "Q," whose vague online posts spurred the development of the entire QAnon movement, mentioned JFK, Jr. in a post.

For QAnon believers, the brief mention was all it took.

They quickly concocted a fantastical narrative claiming Kennedy, Jr's death was faked and he's been plotting for decades to come back and help Trump guide the nation out of the grips of satanic, baby-eating pedophilic Democratic elites.


With those beliefs spread across the internet, Vincent Fusca's appearance at multiple Trump rallies over the years branded him the living JFK, Jr. of their fantasies. While surely some of the selfies are of people enjoying the ridiculous conspiracy theory, a dive into QAnon chatter shows some are buying the whole ball of Satanic Jewish space laser baby eating.

Needless to say, internet users still in touch with reality found the entire thing absolutely ridiculous.

It's a conspiracy theory that shows just how impermeable some entrenched QAnon beliefs can go despite a complete lack of proof or logic.

Even photos and a real-live person who looks nothing like the person they're purported to be apparently isn't enough to put this theory to rest.