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QAnon Supporters Dragged After Claiming Random Guy At Pro-Trump March Is JFK Jr. In Disguise

@willsommer/Twitter; Barry King/Getty Images

Among the many things that QAnon followers believe to be true is that JFK Jr. is alive and well, attending Trump rallies despite the mainstream media's belief that he died in a plane crash in 1999.

Like every other detail of QAnon, the idea that JFK Jr. faked his own death makes absolutely no sense and has no evidence to back it up.

But that hasn't stopped the conspiracy theorists for pointing out "JFK Jr." standing behind President Trump at multiple rallies. Who is the man they believe to be the son of the late Democratic President?

His name is Vincent Fusca and he seems to be just a random guy.

The first and most obvious problem with the QAnon believers' theory is that Fusca looks absolutely nothing like JFK Jr.

Twitter relentlessly mocked the conspiracy theorists, who it seems are willing to believe literally anything for almost no reason.

The unhinged conspiracy theory has a supposed explanation for why Fusca looks nothing like JFK Jr.

To avoid being recognized after faking his own death, the conspiracy claims Kennedy received extensive plastic surgery.

QAnon fails to explain why Kennedy would have faked his own death, or whose body was recovered and autopsied following the 1999 plane crash.

They are, however, certain that Fusca is JFK Jr. because he stood behind President Trump during several rallies.

They could be twins!

Despite its repeated inaccuracies and failed predictions, the QAnon conspiracy theory persists online.

Perhaps President Trump's inevitable removal from office will finally convince some QAnon believers that none of the insane, sprawling theory is true.