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QAnoners Now Believe 'Home Alone 2' Proves JFK Jr. Is Still Alive Thanks To Bonkers Theory

QAnoners Now Believe 'Home Alone 2' Proves JFK Jr. Is Still Alive Thanks To Bonkers Theory
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Buckle up, folks. There's a new QAnon conspiracy theory circulating and gaining traction in the QAnon community.

QAnon is a group of ultra-conservatives often referred to as a "cult." The group tends to be comprised of citizens who support former Republican President Donald Trump.

QAnoners consistently pump out bizarre and harmful conspiracy theories, whether it be the untested and potentially harmful use of the animal de-worming drug Ivermectin to fight the Coronavirus, or the outlandish theory the world is run by a ring of elite, cannibalistic Satanists who run a global, underground sex-trafficking ring.

The newest theory puts a spin on an already long-running conspiracy theory.

The theory posits John F. Kennedy Jr. is still alive and bizarrely enough, the proof is in the cinema.

QAnon cultists have been pushing the conspiracy theory JFK Jr., who died tragically in a place crash over 20 years ago, is actually still alive and just faked his death.

Even more odd, many QAnoners believe JFK Jr. is going to make his reappearance into the world of the living as Trump's presidential running mate in 2024.

The far-right believers, however, have cited new evidence to "prove" this latest theory—the movie Home Alone 2.

Home Alone is a popular movie franchise starring a young Macaulay Culkin. The movies follow a young boy left to his own devices when his well-off family "accidentally" leaves him home by himself over the winter holidays.

In Home Alone 2, there's a short scene that guest stars Donald Trump, himself. The famous scene consists of Culkin's character running into Trump and asking him for directions.

This latest theory came to light when The Dallas Observer attended a large gathering of QAnoners and conspiracy theorists at the AT&T Discovery Plaza where they overheard the newest "evidence" to support the theory JFK Jr. merely faked his own death and went into hiding.

They heard one of the QAnoners say:

“It all makes sense. Where was JFK Jr. shot? Dealey PLAZA."
“Where will he reappear? Discovery PLAZA."
“Where did Kevin McAlister stay in Home Alone 2? The PLAZA Hotel."
“And who did he see when he first went there? DONALD TRUMP."
“There’s your proof.”

They also heard one of the conspiracy theorists say:

“Get it? DISCOVERY Plaza? Go to the Plaza and you’ll DISCOVER the truth. It’s like that time I harassed that pollster and she tipped me off that I’d find the truth about the last election in HELL, Michigan.”

Needless to say, social media users are having a field day with the newest bizarre conspiracy theory.

The shadowy figure who leads QAnon, known only as "Q," hasn't posted any updates for his followers in over a year.

So who knows how this theory got started.

One thing is for sure, though: QAnon is still a thriving conspiracy group that continues to grow to this day despite every prediction put forth by the group never coming to fruition.