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QAnoners Gather At Dallas' Grassy Knoll Believing JFK Jr. Will Show Up To Prove He's Still Alive

QAnoners Gather At Dallas' Grassy Knoll Believing JFK Jr. Will Show Up To Prove He's Still Alive
Brooks Kraft LLC/Sygma via Getty Images

Earlier this week, the QAnon conspiracy reached strange new depths as believers gathered in Dallas.

The group waited for John F. Kennedy, Jr. to reveal he was secretly alive and working to bring down the "deep state."

The gathering was strange, even for the QAnon conspiracy theorists.

You can see photos, video and messages below.

The QAnon conspiracy originates from an anonymous social media user who claimed to work for the government with "Q-level" clearance during the Robert Mueller investigation.

"Q" claimed Donald Trump was secretly working with Mueller to clean out the government. In time it grew and absorbed several other conspiracies becoming a strange hodge-podge of alleged government secrets mired and melded with antisemitic tropes, longstanding White nationalist and White supremacist rhetoric and the buzzwords of well established hate groups.

Now it involves a Satan-worshipping cabal, blood sacrifices, child trafficking, a mythical drug called adrenochrome, Jewish wildfire causing space lasers and just a ton of conspiracy theories ranging from the mundane to the bizarre.

A formerly smaller sect of the conspiracy believed JFK Jr.—who died in a plane crash in 1999—was secretly alive and attending Trump's MAGA rallies.

The growth of the JFK conspiracists within QAnon is strange even for QAnon.

Despite gatherings Monday night at the AT&T Discovery Plaza in Dallas and Tuesday afternoon at the grassy knoll overlooking where his father was assassinated, JFK Jr. did not appear.

No one was surprised except the QAnoners.

An hour after the designated time, the crowd began to dwindle.

The rain didn't help either.

Despite this showing, it's unlikely to have an effect on the belief in the conspiracy.