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Comedians Epically Troll MAGA Fans By Selling Them 'Let's F**k Brandon' Shirts At Rally

Comedians Epically Troll MAGA Fans By Selling Them 'Let's F**k Brandon' Shirts At Rally

Comedians Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler—the minds behind the comedy duo The Good Liars known for lampooning American politics with digs at the NRA, Evangelical Christian fundamentalism, Fox News, the Trump family and the MAGA movement and QAnon crowd—have received plaudits online for their latest stunt.

This time, the duo pranked former Republican President Donald Trump's supporters by selling "Let's F**k Brandon" shirts at a Trump rally, spinning off the "Let's go Brandon" meme started by conservatives to denigrate Democratic President Joe Biden.

In a video posted to TikTok, Stiefler approaches a man selling a table of merchandise and asked if he is selling any "Let's F*** Brandon" shirts, assuring the seller it's a common saying.

He said:

"It's 'Let's F*** Brandon', it's the anti-Biden thing, you know because you can say it anywhere."

Stiefler and Selvig later approach the seller while wearing fake shirts they'd prepared ahead of time, saying they'd purchased them from another seller at the rally.

You can see the video below.


We asked for a “Let’s F*ck Brandon” shirt at a Trump rally. #fyp #comedy #trump #letsgobrandon #funnyshirt

In another video, Selvig can be seen advertising the shirts and convincing one person to buy a shirt for $30.


Selling “Let’s F**k Brandon” shirts outside the Trump rally. #fyp #brandon #rally #shirt #funny #comedy #prank

Many thought the stunt was hilarious.

The reaction to the "Let's go Brandon" meme is widely viewed as an example of the heightened political polarization in American politics as the Biden administration continues to work on bridging the gaps in a stalled legislature in an effort to codify its social and economic agenda.

Recently, liberals have responded with "Dark Brandon," a more congratulatory iteration of the inflammatory meme that juxtaposes Trump's behavior with Biden's current success, highlighting the Biden administration's competence in comparison to the Trump administration's incompetence.

Biden has never directly commented on either meme though he did meet with a man named Brandon to drum up support for his administration's "Build Back Better" intiative after the original "Let's go Brandon" meme had taken off.

Although neither the President nor his social media and PR team confirmed Biden was slyly putting divisive rhetoric to sleep, he received praise from social media users for subverting the joke.