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People Reveal The Funniest Things They've Heard Someone Say In Public

Reddit user Mountain_Future4034 asked: 'What was the funniest thing that you heard someone say in public?'

Group of friends together, laughing

Let's be honest: some of us are really nosy, and nothing seems to please us more than people-watching or eavesdropping on other people's conversations.

But even if that's not your jam, you've more than likely heard some funny or weird isolated comments while out in public.

Curious about others' experiences, Redditor Mountain_Future4034 asked:

"What was the funniest thing that you heard someone say in public?"

A Tough Man to Replace

"I was sitting on the patio at a bar one afternoon just watching birds and enjoying a few beers alone."

"Next to me was a group of older folks (around retirement age) just hanging out. They were talking about all kinds of things. I’d drift in and out of listening to them when I heard one man talking about his doctor. He said the doctor had passed away two years prior in almost a depressed tone."

"The other men told him, 'Don’t be so sad, man, it’s not like he was your wife or anything.'"

"And without skipping a beat, the man replied, 'I know I shouldn’t be so upset, but man, he just gave really good prostate exams.'"

"The entire table started cracking up. I nearly spit my beer out from laughing so hard and the man pointed at me and said, 'See, he gets it!'"

"The laughter only got louder. I didn’t talk to them afterwards or butt into their conversation but it’s a fond memory of mine."

- ieatpizzadonuts

Egg-stensive Prior Experience

"At the grocery store: 'I know how to buy eggs, Diane, I’ve done it before…'"

"I could not stop saying this for the rest of the day. I was a real joy to be around."

- crommulence_now

...Well, Does He?

"While at Disney World chilling on the big white Tom Sawyer boat, we heard a kid say to his mom:"

"'Hey Mom, do you think I know what a cannibal is?'"

"That phrasing is so funny to me, it’s stuck with me ever since."

- CosmicOwl47

Peak 'Overheard in New York' Energy

"I was walking along 10th street in Brooklyn when a man walked by on his phone, and all I caught of his conversation was, 'I don't know, I've never owned a f**king giraffe before.'"

- Wonderful_Whereas402

Kid Logic for the Win

"When I worked in a library, I overheard two kids in the children's area."

"Brendan 1: 'Your name's Brendan? My name's Brendan, too. Are we... brothers?'"

"Brendan 2: 'No. I'm in the first grade.'"

- EerieArizona

Such Good News

"A middle-aged man took a phone call in a hospital cafeteria, and he said, 'They did an autopsy on me and we’re waiting for results. Wait, I mean a BIOPSY! I’m not dead yet.'"

- Extension-Concept-88

"(puts down scalpel)"

"What is this world even coming to? Now all of a sudden you have to wait until someone's DEAD to autopsy them?!"

- Diablix

Accidentally Wholesome

"One guy said, 'Can't you see I'm blind?'"

"The other said, 'No, because I'm blind too!'"

"Two blind men before laughing their a**es off after bumping into each other."

- Accurate_Western_346

Future Theater Critic in the Making

"At intermission during ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ on Broadway, a Scottish teenage boy seated in front of me turned to his mother (in a thickkk Glaswegian accent) and said, 'I always thought that the Phantom was meant to be some kind of tragic, romantic anti-hero. But he’s just a f**king d**k.'"

- LongBombsToSnake

"Scots make the best theatre critics."

- Wallazabal

Country Sees Country

"I overheard a group of maybe high schoolers arguing who is more country."

"One just asked, 'You’re country, huh? How long is your driveway?'"

- Tokent23

Too Soon, Kid, Too Soon

"I was at an ice cream shop and what I assume was an uncle and a niece, about eight years old, were talking."

"I was standing there waiting for my family's order, and all I heard was, 'Was it fun in jail?' from the little girl."

"Then the uncle responded, teeth clenched, 'I went to prison.'"

"I don’t know why I thought this was so funny, but man, I was trying hard not to crack up. Kids are wild."

- pheobethespider

...Never Mind Her

"My wife likes to tell a story of when she had just interviewed someone for a job and was walking him to the next interview, telling him what a good culture they had and how everyone got along."

"...And then a vey angry lady stepped out of a closed meeting room door, slammed the door, and said, 'A**hole!' in a loud voice."

- m_sparkboy


"I overheard a conversation about people talking about rich people and weird foods, and eventually they started talking about oysters. One of them remarked, 'Well, if you wanna eat boogers outta rocks, you gotta be rich.'"

- stinkyboiii

What a Gem

"Target dressing rooms are often just a section of cubicles between two departments, and they're open to the air."

"Two teenage girls were sharing a dressing room to try on swimsuits, and one blurted out, 'What if girls had BALLS?'"

"You know how your voice sounds different if you're pushing your stomach out? You could tell she was pooching out her groin when she said it."

"It's been over 10 years, and it still makes me laugh. It was dead quiet for a beat, and then everybody in earshot burst out laughing."

- ittybittylurker

Instant Friends Sighting

"A guy walked by with a bag of food, and another guy said, 'HEY! You get me anything?'"

"The dude stopped, said, 'Yeah, I got you a two-piece,' and raised both fists. They both hyena laughed."

- ECUtrent

Same, Dad, Same.

"I was in the local Korean supermarket walking out, and this little Korean boy was singing, 'It's peanut butter jelly time! Peanut butter jelly time!'"

"And his dad who was pushing him in the shopping cart said, 'NO! It's not a peanut butter jelly time!'"

- Mysterious_Valuable1

"You just know kid's been singing that song for days and dad is barely hanging on."


This is a great moment that there are endearing, wholesome, and hilarious moments going on around us all the time, if we only take a moment to listen. Knowing that definitely makes life that much better.