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Don Jr. Shares Photoshopped Meme Of His Dad Carrying A Shark Out Of The Ocean, And It's Just Weird

The Trump family has a strange and intimate relationship with sharks, the apex predator of the sea.

Don Jr. recently posted a photoshopped picture of his Dad carrying a shark out of the ocean, which seems like as good a reason as any to wonder what the heck is going on.

Back in September, Trump went on a a Twitter tear and accidentally retweeted a parody bot that inserted shark-content into tweets relating to him.

This, of course, made it seem like the President had a big problem with the "pro-shark media."

Perhaps that's what Don Jr. was referencing this past Monday, December 9, when he tweeted this photoshopped image?

The picture seems to be a modified frame from a commercial for SummerSlam 2003 with Brock Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar F5s a shark: SummerSlam 2003 commercial

Social media couldn't help but laugh at Don Jr.'s strange behavior.

Others felt Don Jr.'s strange posts were more sad than anything else.

But who knows?

Maybe this is all just fake news from the pro-shark media.

America might have a lot of problems, but sharks aren't one of them and I think we can all thank President Trump for that.

Well done, Mr. President, keep body-slamming those sharks!