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Beachgoers Save Massive Shark Stranded On Florida Beach In Heart-Pounding Video

A group of men were filmed working together to help the mako shark back into the ocean in Florida.

Split Screenshots of the shark from the YouTube video

On a Florida beach, a group of beachgoers came to the aid of a massive shark that had become stranded.

A woman recorded the dramatic rescue as her husband and several other men worked together to return the stranded shark to the water.

One of the men described the shark's rapid approach to the beach, explaining that it appeared to be moving quickly before getting stuck on the sand.

The woman reported that her husband took the initiative to assist the struggling shark after it had been stranded for a few seconds.

Together, her husband and a few other men managed to grab the shark's tail fin and guide it back to deeper water. The agitated mako shark was much larger than the rescuers, however, and put up a vigorous fight, at one point even throwing them aside.

The woman expressed concern, cautioning her husband not to take unnecessary risks.

The mako shark repeatedly snapped its jaws, revealing its formidable teeth.

Following several attempts by her husband, two additional individuals joined the risky rescue mission. Together, they succeeded in pulling the shark back into deeper waters.

After a period of stillness that left onlookers wondering if the shark was still alive, it eventually regained its strength and swam away, leaving the eyewitnesses in awe and prompting applause for the courageous rescuers.

You can watch the video, below.

‘Look at them freaking teeth:’ Beachgoers rescue large shark on Florida

The internet was, quite frankly, impressed.






@kristinnichole1992/YouTube has classified the mako shark as one of the most dangerous sharks to humans, despite the fact that most sharks do not typically pose a threat to people.

The massive sharks can reach lengths of up to 12 feet and weigh as much as 1,200 pounds. Shark attacks are rare, but they can be extremely powerful.

The mako shark possesses the second most powerful bite force in the world, exerting a jaw force of 3,000 pounds, second only to crocodiles.