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Don Jr.'s Bizarre Rant About Biden In What Appears To Be A Motel Room Has Twitter Scratching Their Heads

Donald Trump Jr./Facebook

A bizarre video of Donald Trump Jr. surfaced on Twitter this past weekend. Much like his father, the younger Donald Trump has been ranting about bizarre conspiracy theories ever since his father lost reelection to the President-elect Joe Biden.

The video surfaced after it came out Attorney General Bill Barr investigated Hunter Biden's taxes, but did not disclose this information to President Trump.

Though this is the correct way to run an investigation, many on the right are frustrated Barr did not hand damaging information on Hunter Biden—that could've fueled the President's conspiracy theories about him—during the general election.

In the strange rant, Donald Trump Jr. accuses the media of bias for refusing to cover the Hunter Biden Burisma conspiracy theory as a legitimate story.

Of course, the Justice Department investigation is only looking into Hunter Biden's taxes. This is not a count for the wild conspiracy theory that Hunter Biden was using his power on the board of a Ukrainian company to extract concessions from the Obama administration by way of his father.

Many speculated that the video was fake, noting the strange way Donald Trump Jr.'s mouth moved.

But people quickly pointed out that the video was on Donald Trump Jr.'s Facebook page.

Some speculated that he was under the influence, and tried to have compassion if he is suffering from the disease of addiction.



Though many people were hyper fixated on where they thought Donald Trump Jr. was, and in turn, made #motel6 trend on Twitter.

We cannot wait for the Trump era to be behind us.